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    Checklist to Launch Your eCommerce Website

    Updated 12 March 2020

    Everyone is familiar with the eCommerce website nowadays, This article will be a Checklist to Launch Your eCommerce Website.

    Before launching an eCommerce website there are lots of things that need to be check and cross-check that the site will run smoothly. This will create a positive impact on your customers and offer them an incredible user-experience.


    To ensure your eCommerce website looks appealing and reaches your customers, we have prepared a step-by-step checklist for you. This will help you make sure your website is ready to be launched.


    Steps to Launch an eCommerce Website

    Handle The Aspects Your Users Would First Come Across

    When it comes to an eCommerce website the first impression of a website is very important. If the user interface of a website is attracting then only the user will stay on the website.


    If the navigation and homepage interface isn’t user-friendly, your customer will leave right away.

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    Here’s a list of things you must add and cross-check:-

    • Design an appealing logo
    • Ensure the website is desktop, tablet, and mobile-friendly
    • Add call-to-action to make users visit the sales page
    • Incorporate promotional graphics on your homepage
    • Have a search bar at the top
    • Add a link to the latest blogs
    • Display offers and discounts

    Look After The Overall Appeal And Management

    Before you reach the launch state double-check the overall look of every page and ensure the site functions smoothly. Doing this will help you with moderating and managing your eCommerce website whenever required.

    Here are the items that must be a part of every webpage and things to keep in mind to manage the website:

    • Add reminders and security certificates stating the transactions made through the website are safe
    • Go for a subtle design for a smoother interface
    • Test the site’s speed to ensure a faster load time
    • Add content to empty pages and fix broken links
    • Incorporate links to FAQs and privacy policy pages
    • Add products and categories tabs at the top of the site
    • Incorporate a cart for users to add products
    • Ensure the website has a faster response rate
    • Ensure your website is compatible on every browser and device

    Manage All Product Pages

    Sometimes when people search for an eCommerce website, they are taken to a specific product page. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure all your pages have relevant information, media, and tools to make users purchase your product.

    These are a few things that you must add in your product pages:

    • Call-to-action
    • Ratings and reviews for your products
    • Relevant links to other products
    • Images of your product
    • Product-related information and specifications
    • Product description
    • Wishlist and add-to-cart option
    • Availability of products
    • Potential discounts and sales
    • Price and shipping charges
    • Comments section
    • Live chatbot for queries

    Apart from these, make sure all your product pages have a faster load time. You must also include keywords to increase the page’s search engine ranking.

    Add Extra Media And Blog Pages To Your Site

    Extra content related to your products and services helps you stay ahead of the curve! It also helps you with boosting your search engine rankings while offering valuable information to the customers.

    Here are different types of pages you must add to the site:

    • Tutorials
    • Blog with all the latest news
    • Educational pages
    • Product reviews
    • Testimonials for previous and existing customers
    • Interviews and case studies
    • Company events
    • News and press releases

    Have An Easy-To-Use Cart And Simpler Checkout Process

    The shopping cart and checkout process are considered to be the core aspect of any eCommerce website. So, make sure that these areas are easy-to-use and offer your customers an incredible user-experience.

    Here’s what you must do:

    • Offer discounts and minimal shipping charges
    • Accept all types of payments
    • Incorporate a checkout button both on the bottom and top of the website
    • Let users save their products in the wish list or cart
    • Suggest relevant products to upsell
    • Offer free shipping up to certain price range
    • Provide exciting promo codes
    • Show them the amount they’ll be saving
    • Add delivery time and shipping date
    • Offer payment instalments for expensive products
    • Double-check the checkout process

    Incorporate Support Pages On Your Website

    To offer more details about your site, products, and other product-related information, it is better to add support pages.

    Here is a list of pages with some support tips for your site:

    The Bottom Line

    Launching an eCommerce website can be a tad bit overwhelming and give you all the chills!

    If you do not follow the above-mentioned steps properly, all your efforts might even go in vain. So, why fall for this situation? Put in your energy and time to double-check all the points and run several tests.

    Your launch process will be smooth and your website will surely become popular!

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