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    Change the label of the clicked salesforce lightning button

    Lightning Button

    lightning-button a component represents a button element that executes an action. Use lightning-button where users need to:

    • submit or reset a form
    • begin a new task
    • trigger a new UI element to appear on the page
    • specify a new or next step in a process

    For More info, you can check salesforce official doc here

    Change label of lightning button

    Create a lightning aura component(eq: auraComponent) & write below script in .cmp(eq: auraComponent.cmp) file.

    After adding the above script, create a js controller(auraComponentController.js) file & write the below script.

    Now create a lightning aura(auraComponentPreview) app to preview the functionality & include the above aura component in the lightning aura app(

    Now click the “preview” button to check component functionality.

    . . .

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  • sunny
    thanks for help
  • Zivoke
    Thanks for the guidence.
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