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    Change file storage directory akeneo

    Updated 4 January 2019

    Media is an important part of Product information be it images or PDFs etc.
    Akeneo saves uploaded files and other temporary files in the predefined location like /tmp directory.

    Change file storage directory in Akeneo
    A user can change the file storage location by changing the following parameters in the project configuration.
    goto /app/config/parameters.yml file.
    Add following parameters in file to change upload and temp file storage directory.

        catalog_storage_dir:'/path/to/pim/pim-community-standard/tmp/pim/catalog_storage'  # for main product file storage
        tmp_storage_dir: '/path/to/pim/pim-community-standard/tmp/pim/file_storage' # for temporary storage for import profiles
        upload_tmp_dir: '/path/to/pim/pim-community-standard/tmp/pim/upload_tmp_dir' # for uploaded files
        asset_storage_dir: '/path/to/pim/pim-community-standard/tmp/pim/file_storage/asset' # only for enterprize_edition pam

    Better Alternative:

    I do not recommend keeping files on the same server as the application.
    because Increasing file storage on the server requires monitoring. it can halt your application and services.
    so better alternative would be to use some file storage CDN like amazon s3 for saving files. it is better both for usability and security.

    In case of Akeneo user can plugins like
    Product images/files as well data from PAM (product asset management) could be stored on CDNs like Amazon s3.

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