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    Case Study Stikwood

    What was the Customization in Shopify and Salesforce Connector Delivered to Stikwood by Webkul?

    Platform Salesforce
    Industry Retail
    Country United States

    Let’s read the success story of Stikwood that how Webkul helped them fulfilling their customization requirements in Shopify and Salesforce connector.

    The first Peel & Stik reclaimed wood and sustainable wood planking is called Stikwood. As a pioneer in the field of woodworking and a master craftsman, Jerry has always recognized the critical role technology plays in cutting waste and safeguarding the environment. Jerry’s great love for recycled wood’s unique capacity to transform décor naturally inspired him to use wood planking, which is typically a time-consuming and expensive process. 

    With his 30 years of knowledge and constant desire to attempt something new, Jerry created the ground-breaking product currently known as Stikwood. Peel and Stik wood planking and wall art from Stikwood are excellent for the commercial and home design markets.

    Stikwood goods feature the natural beauty that only time and the forces of nature can produce since they are made from salvaged wood and sustainable woods that are sourced from various regions in the United States. Reclaimed wood planks are now accessible as a quick and simple interior design solution thanks to Stikwood’s remarkably straightforward Peel and Stik installation method.


    Requirements Raised by Stikwood

    1. Synchronization of Custom fields.
    2. Synchronization of Meta fields.
    3. Sync multiple Shopify store data into one Salesforce Org.

    Problem Overview

    Stikwood wants to reach more customers by exploring the network and then decided to use the Shopify eCommerce store. Now they are ready with their online eCommerce store they want more opportunities to convert into leads. So they started using Salesforce CRM. Still, they are lacking somewhere that the results were not as per their expectations. They got interacted with Salesforce Certified Partner: Webkul.

    When Stikwood connected with Webkul, they got the “Shopify Salesforce Connector” solution. This connector helps to integrate both platforms by working as a bridge between them. It prevents them from making manual efforts which saves time and cost. The real-time integration from the Shopify store to Salesforce CRM using the connector becomes easy and smooth.

    Program/Activity Description

    They faced issues in creating custom fields and meta fields. They have already enabled the auto-sync option which has not worked for their Shopify orders and customers. With this, they have also raised the customization request to connect multiple Shopify stores to their Salesforce Org.

    The Salesforce certified consultant and Lightning developer team were involved in the whole process. The consultant team was in touch with Stikwood and the development team resolves the Shopify and Salesforce customization requests.


    eShoSync for Shopify is an integration application with many features that syncs all your data from Shopify to Salesforce in an error-free environment. It also prevents duplicate data entry, wrong data entry, overlapping, etc as it has field mapping and matching criteria options. You can do it while mapping and also create custom fields as well. You can reach out to the Salesforce expert consultant team.

    Program/Activity Outcomes

    The team of Webkul implemented the functionality of auto-sync so that they can sync multiple Shopify stores to one Salesforce Org. They also resolved the issue of the custom field by creating the custom field mapping option to sync Shopify orders and customers to Salesforce CRM. This results in the resolution of all their queries and requirements.


    Webkul team helped fulfill all their requirements in our Salesforce Shopify connector. This saved time and money for manual efforts. They were happy with the resolution they got from our team and appreciated us as well. We are glad that we made some difference in their life and made Stikwood our long-term client. 

     Additional Information

    Make sure to include the following:

    1. Client: Stikwood
    2. Industry: Wood Processing, Home Décor, and Timber.
    3. Website:  

    You can get the “Shopify and Salesforce connector” from eShopSync- eShopSync for Shopify or Webkul Store- Shopify Salesforce Connector

    It is also available on Salesforce AppExchange- eShopSync for Shopify. Install and configure it using our user guide which has all the detailed processes to get it done smoothly. With the help of the user guide, you can easily do the installation and setup process that integrates Shopify Salesforce easily. The professional expert team is always here to assist you so you can reach them whenever you like.

    Great up and great service. SUMIT KUMAR was extremely helpful and I will definitely contact him again if need be. The service was great and the app functions great. Just remember to update every 6 months.
    Victor Sisung
    Customer Service Manager
    United States
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