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Case Study Vast Accessories

Vast Accessories: Greece Car Parts Online Store Enhances Customer Product Search Experience

Platform OpenCart
Industry Automotive
Country Greece

Vast Accessories, a Greece-based online car parts and accessories store, it is a one-stop shop for car enthusiasts, and it also offers the best quality pre-owned cars.

Vast Asseccories website homepage

Along with pre-owned cars on their eCommerce store setup, they also provide full-service maintenance for cars from the initial selection of accessories to the final execution.

Their motto is clear, “Love and passion for cars are not just words, but a way of life.”

This motto guides them to serve their customers with the best car parts and accessories available in the market.

They have a large, brand-specific catalog where customers can find all the essential car maintenance products and the automobile parts they need for their cars.

Multi-Brand product catalog of Vast Accessories.

OpenCart development service helped them achieve their business requirements.

Online Automobile Accessories Market in Greece

According to ECDB, “The Greek Car Parts e-commerce marketplace is predicted to reach US$175.4 million by 2024 and accounts for 71.0% of the Vehicle Parts e-commerce market in Greece.”

“The expected compound annual growth rate for the next four years (CAGR 2024-2028) will be 4.8%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$211.8 million by 2028.”

Automobile parts market of Greece

“The Car Parts e-commerce market is a sub-market of the Vehicle Parts market. Further categories within the Vehicle Parts market are Motorcycle Parts and Other Vehicle Parts.”

“And, it is expected to increase more over the next years.” along with the shipping and logistics services.

What Challenges Did Vast Accessories Faced?

Vast Accessories has a large number of products in its web store catalog, which can make it difficult for customers to find products exactly what they’re looking for.

So, the product searching experience for its customers is not fast and efficient.

Because of this, its customers are not satisfied with the product searching experience in their web store.

To enhance the customer experience and deliver fast and efficient search results, they considered integrating their store server with Elasticsearch.

They know the importance of integrating Elasticsearch in their online store, for fast and efficient searching.

So to overcome this problem, they contacted Webkul via UVdesk Support.

In this case study we’ll learn about the solution used by Webkul to resolve Vast Accessories’ issue.

Webkul’s Solution for Vast Accessories.

OpenCart Elasticsearch module to helped Vast Accessories, for integration of their OpenCart store with the feature of ElasticSearch.

This extension integrates their OpenCart store with the Elasticsearch engine.

Vast Accessories integrated this module into its website server, where the entire product catalog of its store is present optimizing the peformance of OpenCart store.

This module provides a better search experience for customers through the features of autocomplete and search suggestions while searching for products.

Elasticsearch feature of Vast Accessories store

Elasticsearch is the fastest search engine that gives the search results for queries made for products, in real time.

End Note

With the help of OpenCart extensions, Vast Accessories can able to solve its issue.

Elasticsearch is a helpful solution for Vast Accessories, cause it provides an excellent customer experience.

By integrating its OpenCart store with Elasticsearch, its customers can search for their desired products quickly and efficiently.

Websites integrated with Elasticsearch can deliver fast and relevant search results for customers even with a large amount of data.

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