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    Case Study Van Der Vegt

    Van Der Vegt – Enriching Product Information with Akeneo for Dutch Motocross Parts Supplier

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Automotive
    Country Netherlands

    Van Der Vegt in the Netherlands has been selling motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing for motocross, enduro, and supermoto for more than 50 years. Over the years they have become dealers for many brands of motorcycles (Kawasaki and TM Racing). 

    They have a spacious showroom, large warehouse and various workshops. Behind the Van Der Vegt is a passionate team of motorcycle enthusiasts. And they will do everything they can to let you practise your sport. 


    The customer base varies from amateur, hobby crossers to Dutch or masters motocross to European and world championship riders. Everyone is welcome and they receive pleasant assistance. Due to the extensive range, they have a suitable solution for every motocross rider with every budget.

    Selling Motocross Parts Online

    Van Der Vegt firstly started in Oudleusen with a physical store. Then after they decided to open the online store so that customers do not have limitations to shops in their local area only and to spend less time visiting.


    Van Der Vegt decided to develop its e-commerce website [] on the Magento Adobe Commerce platform.


    After developing its web store, customers can do their motocross shopping from anywhere in the country.

    Manage Product Information with Akeneo

    As the client sells many sorts of motocross parts, they receive multiple product lists from their suppliers. They wanted to import all the raw product data into Akeneo.

    So that later, it can be organized and formatted to become ready for their online store.

    However, the supplier lists only contain simple products and the client wanted to display them as configurable products in the Magento store.

    Moreover, creating configurable products manually is too time-consuming and was not a feasible option.

    Fortunately, with the Webkul Akeneo Adobe Commerce integration solution, the client is now able to migrate those simple products into configurable products for size and colour options.


    Van der Vegt now successfully uses Akeneo PIM, as it allows them to gather all the product information in one single place, enrich it, and spread it to several channels.

    You can store and export product information like name, description, technical information like characteristics, material, logistics information like a product’s size, weight, and media information like images.


    From exporting bulk product data to updating product information on multiple channels, supporting multiple languages, and exporting high-quality product images.

    Integrate Akeneo with Adobe Commerce

    The client has now reduced time and enhanced speed to market by integrating Magento 2 with Akeneo.


    With its user-friendly interface, both with (import and export) and through automatic catalogue updates the product data was enriched.

    Advanced Layered Navigation

    On Van der Vegt online store, the client is using many third-party modules to enhance the default Magento functionalities. Further, the client also custom-developed a module to customize the category filter workflow.

    But these custom development changes were causing many issues in the storefront search. As multiple variations for the same product were appearing in the filtered results. Sometimes no results or incorrect items were becoming visible.


    To resolve those code end issues and improve the custom-filter workflow, Webkul development team was hired to do the work.

    Initially, both our development team and the client had a tough time analysing the issues, nevertheless, in the end, the Webkul team deliver the work as expected.

    Support is Excellent. They respond quickly and solve problems quickly.
    Vincent Wennink
    Web Developer, Interwijs B.V.
    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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