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Tdallal- Works to Bring a Quality Life Without Borders to thier Customers with M-commerce

Platform CS-Cart
Industry Retail
Country Jordan

Tdallal is an e-commerce shopping site that deals in several products such as mobile & accessories, food & beverages, video games, health & beauty, clothes, sports, home & kitchen, and many more.

It offers a wide range of premium services that are diversified and globalized, giving customers a one-stop shopping experience.


Tdallal has a strong bond with industry insiders. it works intensively with suppliers to select premium products for their customers at an affordable price.

They partnered with dozens of reputable import & export companies, as well as warehousing & logistics agencies to ensure they could offer the best possible service to their customers.

Ecommerce Market in Jordan

According to Go-globe Jordan has a population of 10.24 million people and the number is growing rapidly. It is one of the most developed countries in the region with a high level of education and literacy rates.

The Jordanian e-commerce market is also growing at a rapid pace with an increase in online shopping trends among Jordanians.

There are many opportunities for eCommerce to grow in Jordan. Including -The growth of mobile internet users in Jordan will increase demand for eCommerce services.


The increase in the number of international retailers entering the Jordanian market. This will create more competition which will lead to better services and prices for consumers.

The overall development of the market will improve people’s ability to buy online. The Jordanian e-commerce market will continue to grow in the near future and provide extra opportunities to the region’s local and international sellers.

Why Did the Client Start this Business?

Tdallal decided to go with an online business in order to expand their company’s reach to a global audience. They integrate internet technology with manufacturing sectors in order to bring a high quality of life to their customers without any barriers.

The client’s milestone was to create an e-commerce store that would be packed with an extensive variety of quality products that are reasonably priced for customers.

How Did Webkul Help Tdallal?

Mr. Ahmad Al Sheikh contacted Webkul seeking out specific features for their eCommerce website as well as wanting to develop a mobile application.

Tdallal is an eCommerce company that uses the Cs-Cart platform. Cs-Cart is an open-source platform that offers tools for managing website content, product, shipping, and returns.

Login With Facebook

The client wanted a login feature where the customers of Tdallal can log in to their shopping accounts with Facebook. After providing Facebook credentials, customers can easily login into the website and they can explore shopping.


This feature will allow the client to store a database of customers. which they can use to send offers and information in the future. This will help the client stay in touch with their customers and keep them updated on new offers.

Mobile App Development

The client is running their online business with a website. After some time, he realized that launching a mobile app would help expand the business rapidly. Because the mobile app is one of the ways where we can get more customer engagement.

Home Page
Category Page
Account Info
Product Page
Sort Product
Checkout Page

Understanding the requirement of the client Webkul team develops full feature mobile app which is based on a native app. Android app code is written in Kotlin on the android studio framework and IOS app code is written in Swift using Xcode.

Remark At End

What the feature Tdallal was looking for, the Webkul team helped them get it. The client can easily expand their business with the help of a mobile app. This will give them more opportunities to reach new customers and grow their business.

Measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables; "The results are excellent", Project management style, including communication tools and timeliness; "Excellent !", Most impressive or unique about this company; "Everything !"
Ahmad Al Sheikh
IT Manager
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