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Case Study Soilsecrets

Soilsecrets – Indian Organic Products Marketplace built with Webkul

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Retail
Country India

Soilsecrets, India’s premier organic e-commerce marketplace brings various eco-friendly & sustainable products making life healthier.

Soilsecrets provides a wide range of organic products & categories like – personal care, wellness, grocery, fashion, etc which are sourced globally.

With a commitment to sustainability and affordability, Soilsecrets aims to improve the health and lifestyle of its customers.


Magento Development Services assisted Soilsecrets to grow with better functionality and provide a smooth customer experience on their website.

Background, Market & Mission

Soilsecrets single seller website was founded in 2022 and originated in Navsari, Gujarat (India).

In addition to e-commerce activities, Soilsecrets aspires to serve in wholesale and commission trade activities across India as well.

As per the IBEF report – “Indian e-commerce is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27% to reach US$ 163 billion by 2026”.

In the growing e-commerce market, the founder of Soilsecrets has made the right decision to commence the online availability of the company but faced many challenges to complete their mission.

Soilsecrets has a mission to empower farmers, women, and small manufacturers by providing a platform to sell their products. The mission & the challenge is successfully fulfilled by Webkul solutions.

Problem Statement

Before seeking support, Soilsecrets encountered several challenges.

They needed a solution to onboard local businesses as well as to promote organic products through their website by transforming it into a marketplace.

Apart from the marketplace solution, they required some extra functionalities –

  • Customers should be able to ask questions and respond to the same on the product pages.
  • Boost the speed and performance of the website to enhance user experience.
  • Customize the registration process for sellers by providing multiple steps.
  • Quick checkout button to allow customers to directly navigate to the checkout page.
  • Capture additional information on customers using custom registration fields.

Also, the challenge was not just about e-commerce marketplace but about building a community of organic living.

Solution for Soilsecrets

Soilsecrets transitioned its Magento 2 website from a single store to a Multi Vendor Marketplace solution by Webkul.


Now, multiple vendors can be onboarded through which Soilsecrets is achieving its core mission.

Multiple sellers from different locations in India get the ability to showcase their organic products through this platform.

In addition to a multi-seller marketplace solution, they implemented a few more add-on modules that fulfilled their problem statement.

Buy Now Button

Magento 2 Buy Now Button extension helps consumers to make a quick checkout and purchase the item swiftly.

To simplify the purchasing process, Soilsecrets implemented this module, which adds a “Buy Now” button on the product page.


Customers can bypass the cart and proceed directly to checkout with a single click, improving the overall shopping experience.

Marketplace Question Answer Module

Magento 2 Multi Vendor Question Answer provides a mode of interaction between customers and Sellers/Admin where the customer can query and clear doubts regarding the product.

With the help of this module, customers can receive immediate answers to their queries by reading the answers that have been posted on the previous related query by customers as well.

organic marketplace question answer

This module establishes reliable relations between potential customers & sellers, which will raise customers’ trust in organic products.

Multi Step Vendor Signup

Magento 2 Multi Step Vendor Signup extension enables the admin to create a customizable vendor registration steps.

This will make it easier for the marketplace sellers to fill up the large registration forms by breaking them into multiple steps.

Registration form in organic marketplace

Now, Soilsecrets can onboard multiple sellers by having such details as the admin wants.

Custom Registration Feilds

Magento 2 Custom Registration Fields extension allows admins to capture additional information from customers during registration.

Now, the admin can know more about the customers, with the help of this extension.

Custom fields can be created with various input types like – text field, date of birth, drop-down, multi-select, radio-button, media image, file upload, or dependable field and labels can be managed for different store views.

Page Speed Optimization

Implementation of Magento 2 Page Speed Optimization extension to Soilsecret’s website has significantly contributed to enhancing the performance of the website.

This module gives you features like – Lazy Loading, Defer Loading, Improved Google Ranking, Image Optimization (WebP Support), etc.


You can also explore a complete list of pre-built Magento 2 extensions.

Remarks at the end

The implementation of the Multi Vendor Marketplace module with few add-ons has successfully fulfilled the objective of Soilsecret’s founder.

With the help of Webkul, Soilsecret’s organic website has transformed into a multi vendor marketplace taking it to the next level, and supporting the mission of promoting organic living in India.

You can also Hire Magento Developers if you also want to build a marketplace like Soilsecrets.

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