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    Case Study Shopy Partners

    Shopy Place – Onboarding WooCommerce Store Owners to CS-Cart Marketplace

    Platform CS-Cart
    Industry Retail
    Country Israel

    Shopy Place is a social mall that brings together members of the Partner Network’s suppliers and buyers. Moreover, Simply purchase from reputable merchants at reasonable prices and pay with P-COINS coins.

    The benefits of the Partners Network community, such as sharing a product recommendation, contributing a product review, or earning coins.


    The suggested sellers and items promote in the Partners network based on the quantity of P-COINS they got from users, ensuring that everyone benefits – and that the good sellers and products pushed for everyone’s benefit.


    Webkul and Shopy Place collaborated to give limitless solutions that assisted in developing its online marketplace platform, and more.

    Webkul helped the Shopy Place team meet all of its technical requirements and enabled them to increase its consumer base and sales.

    Online Shopping Market in Israel

    Israel’s market expansion is likely to continue in the next years. For the following four years, the compound annual growth rate is expected to be 11 percent.

    This decline, when compared to the year-over-year gain of 24 percent, indicates a moderately crowded market.

    Another sign of market saturation in Israel is the 44 percent online penetration rate; in other words, in 2021, 44 percent of the Israeli population will have purchased at least one product online.


    Fashion is Israel’s largest segment, accounting for 29% of the country’s eCommerce revenue. Electronics & Media come in second with 25%,

    Moreover, in toys, Hobby & DIY with 18%, Food & Personal Care with 15%, and Furniture & Appliances with the remaining 12%.

    Reducing Supplier Connection Time

    The client reached out to Webkul in search of the right management tool. They wanted to assign sellers to suppliers automatically rather than doing the manual process, as it took a long time.

    In the process of syncing from Woocommerce to CS-Cart, it consumes a lot of time to sync the particular categories.

    Another problem of Shopy Place i.e. not show a familiar marketplace for the consumers.

    “Assigning sellers to suppliers manually takes a long time, we developed with them a system that identifies the categories and associates them automatically which reduces the supplier connection time by tens of per cent.

    Even categories that do not have active products are automatically hidden. And a purchase button now for products shorten the purchase time and improve the user experience.”

    Orel Yehi Shalom, CEO, Shopy Partners

    The Solution Provided By The Webkul

    With the help of our Woocommerce CS-Cart connector, Sellers are now able to sync WooCommerce products and orders to the CS-Cart store.

    It also allows the admin to map the WooCommerce’s category, payment methods, and shipping methods with CS-Cart.

    The sellers of Shopy Place can sync the product, and orders from WooCommerce to the CS-Cart store and also can manage multiple accounts to exchange and synchronize the data between CS-Cart and WooCoomerce.

    The second solution of Buy Now button, now the admin inserts a Buy Now button along with the Add To Cart button to your store.

    Moreover, it makes the purchasing process easier for shoppers as the buy now button takes the customer directly to the checkout page and makes the process faster.

    Syncing WooCommerce With CS-Cart

    The sellers of Shopy Place were running its online store in CS-Cart and wanted to sync their products, orders, and more from the Woocommerce store.


    Shopy Place bought a Woocoomerce connector which helped sellers to sync their Woocommerce store with Cs-Cart and manage the entire store in CS-Cart.

    Woocommerce Connector provided them with features to micromanage your business and seamlessly blend all the operations.


    Quick Buy With Buy Now Option

    On Shopy. place, buyers will find a single-page checkout process to ease the purchase process.

    With this CS-Cart Buy Now Button add-on can insert a Buy Now button along with the Add To Cart button to your store.


    Buy buttons, takes the customer directly to the checkout page and make the process faster.


    Results – Improving Seller’s Connection Time by 70% and Sales by 20%

    With the help of CS-Cart, Shopy place was able to provide the improve seller’s connection time by 70% and increased sales by 20%.

    Moreover, now the client can easily handle the Shopy Place e-commerce marketplace and manages the various operations also.

    Review By Client

    We asked the client to share his valuable feedback about our module and support. Orel Yehi Shalom was pleased with our module as well as the team’s assistance. Read the complete insight here

    “Every day, I got an update on what the programmer was working on and how it was progressing.”
    Orel Yehi Shalom
    CEO, Shopy Partners
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