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Case Study Nutrisphere

Nutrisphere: USA Organic Supplement Online Marketplace

Platform WooCommerce
Industry Food
Country United States

Nutrisphere is a USA-based organic supplements retailer that sells organic and natural products on its online store.

The company was founded to make high-quality, plant-based wellness products that are easily accessible to health-conscious consumers.

USA Organic Supplements

By prioritizing quality over quantity, Nutrisphere has cultivated a loyal customer base of people seeking clean, responsibly sourced dietary supplements.

Their user friendly website development allows customers to conveniently shop and learn about the potential benefits of various natural products.

WooCommerce development services helped them to onboard sellers on their platform and smoothen their payment, shipping and logistics process.

Organic Supplement Market in the USA

The market competition for organic supplements is growing in the United States as more and more Americans want to buy natural products through hyperlocal stores as well.

According to Future Market Insights, sales of organic supplements reached over $1.5 billion in 2020 and are growing at 7.2% annually.

USA Organic Supplements

Surveys show that two of the top reasons people choose organic products are to avoid synthetic ingredients and reduce pesticide exposure.

Growing awareness of its health advantages has boosted the growth of many eCommerce marketplaces that deal with organic products.

With concerns about health and sustainability, many Americans are willing to pay higher prices for certified organic supplements.

Challenges Faced by Nutrisphere

Nutrisphere faced challenges in scaling its eCommerce operations efficiently in the rapidly growing organic supplements market.

Their existing website could only handle a limited product catalog and lacked the functionality to onboard new vendors seamlessly.

Additionally, payment integration from multiple third-party vendors was becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming.

To address these issues, Nutrisphere required a robust marketplace solution so they used WooCommerce development services.

In this case study we’ll learn about the solutions used to resolve Nutrisphere challenges.


WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace

WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace plugin enabled Nutrisphere to easily onboard new sellers and give them control over their seller storefronts.

This allows Nutrisphere to have a wide range of high-quality organic supplements from trusted brands and sellers.

The below image shows that the product is sold by a particular seller on the platform.

Seller product page

The following image shows the seller shop page.

seller sub domain

The separate seller dashboards kept the vendor experience seamless, allowing sellers to manage orders, inventory, and customer communications from their accounts.

The built-in query system further streamlined communication between Nutrisphere and its vendor partners.

WooCommerce Marketplace Stripe Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Marketplace Stripe extension resolved Nutrisphere’s payment processing challenges on its online platform.

It automated commission calculations and payouts to vendors via the secure Stripe payment gateway.

The following image shows the checkout page with the Stripe payment option.

Stripe payment on checkout page

Customers also benefited from the ability to use many credit cards for checkout with support for 3D secure payments.

Now customers can have a smooth experience as they can simply buy online as well apart from ordering within physical Store.

End Note

The WooCommerce Marketplace and Marketplace Stripe extensions enabled Nutrisphere to rapidly scale its organic supplements business.

Webkul’s WooCommerce Plugins transformed its website into a user-friendly, multi-vendor marketplace.

These powerful e-commerce solutions allowed this USA-based Organic Supplements store to expand its product offering and manage the checkout process.

By enhancing the checkout process and providing an exceptional customer experience Nutrisphere will witness continued growth in the future.

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