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    Case Study Everest

    Everest – America’s First Dedicated Marketplace for Outdoor Recreation Products

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Retail
    Country United States

    Everest is an emerging marketplace for all outdoor recreation gear products. It is a retailer, manufacturer, and distributor.

    Generally, Everest deals in hunting, fishing, shooting, sports, and general outdoor gear space. Everest is located in Spring, Texas United States. It was launched in 2009 by Bill Voss.


    Outdoor Gear Market Overview

    If you look inside the outdoor gear & camping industry, it is a competitive one. In the US market, there are many big players who are currently sitting in the industry. Some of the leading companies include:

    The vision of Everest is to connect outdoor gear sellers with those consumers who love being outdoors.

    Everest is providing quality services and value that consumers in today’s digital age expect. To become the world’s largest marketplace for fishing, shooting sports, hunting, and other outdoor gear space.

    Everest marketpleace

    Customers can shop for a wide variety of products sold by different brands. With the Magento 2 Multi Vendor marketplace platform, multiple new brands, manufacturers, and dealers can sign-up and showcase their products to consumers.


    From a Small Start to Big One

    A few years ago, Texas resident Bill Voss started National Gun Trader, a business and online services platform for firearms and related products.

    One day Bill Voss realized the industry of outdoor recreation is increasing day by day and then Bill Voss decided his online platform could serve as a one-stop digital solution for shooting, hunting, and outdoor products.

    Since Amazon was named for the world’s longest river Voss decided to name his new online community after the world’s tallest mountain, i.e. Everest.

    But unlike Amazon and other online marketplaces, Everest is a firearms-friendly e-commerce platform.

    A place where you can purchase firearms and related products banned on anti-2A sites. (source)

    Everest marketpleace

    If you see the new US data, it shows that the outdoor recreation economy accounted for 1.8 per cent ($374.3billion) (source) of the current dollar GDP in 2020.

    The mission of Everest is to create the leading online marketplace for the outdoor world.

    A place where retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers can buy and sell goods free of the noise and discrimination of those other sites.

    However Everest wanted to different yet very familiar understanding and appreciating the power of community – and that’s why Everest is the first customer.

    A first-community-driven platform focusing on the outdoor lifestyle

    Building Everest with Webkul Marketplace

    Frank Hernandez, CTO at Everest contacted Webkul as he was looking for something marketplace solution for managing their seller listings and multi-vendor product buying.

    Now Everest manufacturers and distributors can be listed as sellers and buyers can feel safe and follow an easy process for their outdoor gear shopping. Webkul team provided diverse marketplace platform solutions including-

    How Everest Marketplace Works?

    First, the Webkul team understood their requirements as deep, after that, they are looking at all these points, and the Webkul team gave them an ideal solution to their requirements for the Adobe commerce cloud.

    Now the site owner can easily manage their seller and buyer and as well as Everest is providing the best services to their customer with the help of Webkul.

    Further, the sellers of Everest can register themselves in a few moments and after verification of the seller, the admin can easily approve their account.

    Everest marketpleace

    After the seller registration approval request is sent to the admin and the admin gets a notification about the approval request then the admin decided to approve or disapprove the request.

    Everest marketpleace

    With the help of Webkul, now Everest is easily providing single page checkout to their customers, with the help of one-step checkout buyers can easily place the order on one page.

    Everest marketpleace 1

    Different sellers on the checkout page, where buyers can add different sellers with different products and with single click buyers can checkout.

    Everest marketpleace

    The buyer and sellers of Everest can easily communicate and buyers can raise any help and support from Everest sellers.

    Everest marketpleace

    List of queries where the buyers can check their query as per his request and reply to sellers as per his query.

    Everest marketpleace

    Buyers can check their communication history. This section is important for both buyer and seller for future reference communication history.


    Why Did Everest Choose Webkul for Building its Marketplace?

    Frank Hernandez selected Webkul because we work on industry-leading digital commerce, ERP, and CRM solutions. In the last 11 years, Webkul served 80,000 clients worldwide to handle complex operations and grow their business.

    One of the most demanded solutions of Webkul is Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Also, Webkul received Magento Solution Partner Award for the Top Selling Extension of 2019 and 2018 for Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

    Aiming to Become World’s Largest Marketplace for Outdoor Lifestyle

    Webkul helped the company in successfully configuring the marketplace and guiding them in every step by step.

    Everest needed some help with the checkout and shipping management, buyer, and seller communication. However, Everest thanked us heartfully for quick assistance and for helping the marketplace to effectively nurture its product data.

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