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Case Study JSK Automotive

JSK Automotive: UK Automobile Store’s Multi-Channel Selling

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Automotive
Country United Kingdom

JSK Automotive is a UK-based sales Company Limited that has been a premier automotive spare parts seller since 2017.


They specialize in selling automotive spare parts which serve Engines, Car parts, Tractor parts, Earthmoving parts, and more.

They sell automotive spare parts for brands like BMW, JCB, Mercedes-Benz, and many renowned brands.

With the eBay store and the Magento 2 store, they wanted a tool that could help them manage stores at the same time and increase efficiency.

Through Magento development services, JSK Automotive was able to expand and fulfill the desired functionality.

Automotive Parts e-Commerce in the UK

According to ECDB, The UK Car Parts e-commerce market is predicted to reach US$2,559.1 million by 2023.

Accounts for 72.9% of the Vehicle Parts e-commerce market in the United Kingdom.

The expected compound annual growth rate for the next four years (CAGR 2023-2027) will be 1.7%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$2,733.7 million by 2027.

The Car Parts e-commerce market is a sub-market of the Vehicle Parts market.

Further categories within the Vehicle Parts market are Motorcycle Parts and Other Vehicle Parts.

Problem Statement

JSK Automotive has been selling its products on the Magento 2 store and the eBay marketplace store.

They were looking for a solution as managing both stores was time-consuming due to the manual work involved in both stores separately.

The client also wanted to sync their product, orders, and categories from eBay to the Magento 2 store and sync products from the Magento 2 store to eBay.

They also wanted a solution for adding the compatibility list for the products and importing them into the Magento store.

They wanted a solution for their Magento 2 store so that they could create purchase orders, and request quotations for the products.

How Webkul helped JSK Automotive

JSK Automotive discussed their needs with us through the UV desk ticket system, and our development team fulfilled their requirement accordingly.

The Client was searching for an eBay connector solution to connect their Magento 2 and eBay store, and here Webkul helped them out.

With the compatibility list and importing the compatibility items, we helped them with our eBay Item Compatibility module.

Also, they wanted a solution to create a PO and request quotations, so we helped them with our module Magento 2 purchase order.

eBay Connector

Multi eBay Account Connector for Magento 2 allowed the client to connect and manage their multiple eBay account with their Magento 2 store.


Products Imported and Exported in the Stores

Product on the eBay store:


Now with the help of our module, the same product is synced to the Magento 2 store


Import & Map Categories

JSK Automotive can now import the eBay categories and map them with their Magento 2 store as required.

eBay Categories:


Mapped Categories with the Magento 2 Store:


Admin can also set the attribute for these categories.

eBay Item Compatibility for Magento 2

Using eBay Item Compatibility for Magento 2 JSK Automotive was able to easily add the compatibility to the products imported into the Magento 2 store.


They were also able to import compatible items on the Magento 2 store from the eBay store.

Under this module, customers will be able to see all the compatibility models related to the product using standard filters.

Magento 2 Purchase Order (PO)

Using the Magento 2 Purchase Order (PO) module, JSK Automotive was able to create and manage purchase orders for the products and various suppliers as well.


The client was able to add suppliers to the products for quotation when needed.

The purchase order can be created manually or automatically (when the product goes out of stock).

The client was also able to create request quotations for the products.


JSK Automotive was able to achieve its business goal by easily able to connect and manage multiple eBay accounts simultaneously with their Magento 2 store.

Additionally, with eBay Item Compatibility they were able to import compatible items on the Magento 2 store from the eBay store in one go.

The client also used the Magento 2 Purchase Order module to have the functionality to create the PO and request quotations of the products for the Supplier.

With over 100 plugins available for added functionality on Magento 2 websites, and our Magento Development Services for a seamless experience.

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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