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    Case Study Lularoe

    LuLaRoe: US Firm Boosting Inventory Management Using Multi Channel Integration

    Platform OpenCart
    Industry Automotive
    Country United States

    LuLaRoe is an online boutique based in California, USA, dedicated to offering fashionable apparel for both children and adults.

    Their collection includes a wide variety of leggings, tops, skirts, and dresses designed to cater to all ages and tastes.

    online boutique

    Committed to providing high-quality, comfortable, and stylish clothing options, LuLaRoe ensures that customers can stay updated with the latest trends.

    LuLaRoe guarantees a seamless shopping experience and unparalleled style for their shoppers.

    OpenCart Development Services helped it efficiently manage its online store to meet its business requirements.

    Apparel Market in the United States

    According to Statista, the Apparel market revenue in the US amounted to US$358.70bn in 2024 with an annual growth of 2.11%.

    One of the key factors driving the online fashion retail market growth in the US is the rise in online spending

    The demand for high-waisted tights and leggings in the United States has soared, as consumers prioritize comfort in their everyday attire.


    Women’s tights and leggings, which are available in a variety of materials like cotton, polyester, and nylon, are used to cover the lower body.

    The United States is a significant player in the Tights & Leggings market with a revenue of $0.66bn in 2024.

    This growth is because they provide support and stabilize the muscles which reduce fatigue and improve performance while offering a stylish look.

    What was the problem faced by LuLaRoe?

    LuLaRoe faced the challenge of efficiently managing its inventory across multiple platforms for its online boutique.

    With products listed on both their Opencart store and Amazon, keeping track of inventory and orders was a time-consuming task.

    Additionally, manually importing and exporting products between the two platforms was a challenge to their business.

    They needed a solution to manage data between their Opencart store and Amazon and so they contacted Webkul.

    Their team connected with Webkul via the UVdesk system, which understood their issues and their requirements.

    In this case study we will know how Webkul Helped LuLaRoe achieve their business objectives.


    Connecting Opencart Store with Amazon

    The Opencart Amazon Connector extension emerged as the solution to LuLaRoe’s challenges.

    By integrating their Amazon store with their Opencart store, this extension enabled LuLaRoe to synchronize product listings and manage orders efficiently.

    The following image shows a product in the LuLaRoe Opencart Store

    Online Boutique

    The same product is available on their Amazon store.

    online boutique

    Product Details in their Opencart Store

    opencart product description

    Product Details in their Amazon Store

    Amazon product description

    The admin can connect multiple Amazon seller accounts and set default quantities and weights for imported products.

    The integration makes sure that the prices and stock levels of products on Amazon are always updated.

    It allows for customized pricing and stock quantity rules, as well as setting a default order status for Amazon orders to ensure everything is accurate and consistent across different platforms.

    Furthermore, the extension provides the status of export products and enables the smooth import of Amazon orders.

    End Note

    The Opencart Amazon Connector extension, provided by Webkul, has revolutionized LuLaRoe Online Boutique by integrating its Opencart store with Amazon.

    With the help of this extension, LuLaRoe can synchronize its product listing on both platforms.

    It also gives them the ability to real-time updates on product prices and quantities on Amazon which was a problem for them before.

    Additionally, the extension’s ability to import orders based on specified criteria and provide valuable insights has enhanced its efficiency.

    Overall, the Opencart Amazon Connector extension resolved LuLaRoe’s inventory management problems, enabling them to efficiently manage their operations.

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