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Case Study Songs for Saplings

Why do Songs for Saplings Use Shopify to Salesforce Connector by Webkul?

Platform Salesforce
Industry Other
Country United States

In this success story, we are going to tell how Songs for Saplings grew their eCommerce business by connecting Shopify to Salesforce with the help of Webkul experts.

Songs for Saplings wrote upbeat, enjoyable songs that aim to convey the most profound biblical truth in a style you and your kids will enjoy hearing. James and Dana Dirksen and their family-run Songs for Saplings as a ministry. They said- “We are grateful for God’s charity toward us and also given us the opportunity to spread the message that Jesus came to seek and rescue the lost.”

With only one mother, her guitar, and her passion taught her kids the profound truths about Jesus, Songs for Saplings was born. Initially, Dana Dirksen put Scripture to songs for her own children using her musical abilities. But as that seed developed, Dana started to record and distribute these songs for use in homes and churches.

In locations with a dearth of Christian educational resources, Songs for Saplings is currently at the forefront of educating youngsters via discipleship. Songs for Saplings is delivering God’s truths to all languages through several translation initiatives.

Songs for Saplings wanted to spread their music all around the world by syncing their e-store data from Shopify to Salesforce. By connecting both apps they get specific data insights related to their business and focus on specified areas. So they connected with Webkul Salesforce professionals to get the solution.

How did Songs for Saplings Overcome the Challenge of Growing an eCommerce Business?

Songs for Saplings spread their business around the world but got less time to analyze the data from Salesforce. As they manually synced data from Shopify to Salesforce accounts.

Webkul provided the solution that they have to integrate the Shopify to Salesforce connector “eShopSync for Shopify”. It helped them sync Customers, Orders, Collections, Contacts, and Product data automatically from Shopify to Salesforce accounts. They got a lot of time to work on the data which helped and took the business to another level.

How does Shopify to Salesforce Connector by Webkul Helped Songs for Saplings in Business?

Webkul provided the eShopSync for Shopify as a solution to integrate, which acts as a bridge between the 2 applications. With this, Songs for Saplings sync data from Shopify to Salesforce automatically. It saved their time that they got time to analyze data properly; worked on specific business areas according to the requirements. 

There are 3 main highlighted features that they got mentioned here:-

  1. Field Mapping
  2. Customers sync as Business and Person accounts at Salesforce
  3. Real-Time Synchronization

In addition, the other features are sync data of maintained logs, draft order sync, mapping of record type, matching criteria-based sync, compatibility with the NPSP packages and CPQ, draft order sync, fulfillment of order or transaction, etc.

You can easily buy the Shopify Salesforce connector from eShopSync or Salesforce Appexchange.

What Results did Songs for Saplings Get using Webkul’s Connector?

Songs for Saplings get good results after integrating eShopSync for Shopify connector by Webkul. It helped as a bridge that connects Shopify to Salesforce and synced data automatically. They saved time using the Webkul connector so that they were more capable and grew their business. If you are also looking for Salesforce services and/or consultancy then hire our Salesforce expert team or email [email protected].

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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