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Case Study Spectrum Plastics Group

Why Spectrum Plastics Group was required to have Shopify Salesforce Connector?

Platform Salesforce
Industry Retail
Country United States

In this success story, you’ll get to know why Spectrum Plastics Group required Shopify Salesforce Connector by Webkul and what features did they get to resolve their issue.

When it comes to important polymer-based devices and components for the medical industry and other demanding applications, Spectrum Plastics Group is your go-to solution supplier for developing scaled manufacturing. They provide solutions that enable potentially life-saving treatments, meet specific application and performance requirements, and ensure precise, repeatable results.

They continue to strategically advance as a worldwide leader in component and device research and manufacture to better serve their medical device sector partners.

Spectrum is deeply committed to the lives our goods touch, the security of our workers, the excellence and compliance of our manufacturing procedures, the fulfillment of our customers, and the production of outcomes of the highest caliber.

They are committed, data-driven, responsible, trustworthy, sincere, mutually respectful, collaborative, tenacious, agile, responsive, action-oriented, and not satisfied with the status quo as One Spectrum Team.

Spectrum Plastics Group is also running an e-store where they sell products in different categories. Each category has different products the name of these categories were:-

Why did they Require to Integrate Shopify and Salesforce Platform?

Spectrum Plastics Group was facing the challenge of managing finances, inventory, orders, etc. They wanted to manage everything in a single place. They also required specific insights for their business to know in which area they were lacking. This was the main reason for using Shopify and Salesforce Connector.

The connector was provided by the Webkul team which helped them in making the correct decisions that resulted in a growing business. The connector integrates both applications and then syncs data from Shopify to Salesforce. You can easily get the connector from the Webkul store, Salesforce AppExchange, and eShopSync.


What are the Features of eShopSync for Shopify Connector that helped Spectrum Plastics Group?

The “eShopSync for Shopify” connector acts as a bridge between Shopify and Salesforce platforms. The data that got synced Products, Orders, Collections, and Customers. When you are done configuring the connector then you can synchronize the data. The features of eShopSync for Shopify helped them sync their data properly and manage all the entities. 

The list of features is as follows:-

What Result did Spectrum Plastics Group get using eShopSync for Shopify?

As a result, the Spectrum Plastics Group got better insights than before and can manage all the things at Salesforce’s end smoothly. They got other functionality as well that helped them to implement many more solutions for their business according to requirements. So, you can also install eShopSync for Shopify to grow your business as everyone else is doing. If you are also looking for Salesforce services and/or consultancy then hire our Salesforce consultant team or email [email protected].

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