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Case Study SilverChef

How does Connector Of Shopify Salesforce Helped SilverChef Increase Their Business Growth?

Platform Salesforce
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Country United States

In this success story, you can find out how SilverChef gets success in their business growth by using eShopSync’s connector of Shopify Salesforce.

Entrepreneur Allan English made a novel pizza oven discovery in the US in 1986. Back in Australia, hotels wanted the ovens but had trouble raising the money to buy them. In the face of failure, Allan had an epiphany and decided to rent out the pizza ovens so that potential consumers could test them out before buying.

The Rent-Try-Buy® offering we provide today and SilverChef both had their beginnings at this time. Giving assistance to young hospitality entrepreneurs finally inspired Allan to found SilverChef, whose mission is to assist people in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries in realizing their ambitions.

Requirements Of SilverChef  

  1. Run automated campaigns at the right time for the right customers
  2. Sync data in an automated way
  3. Save time money and manual effort
  4. Invest more in business instead of creating records manually
  5. Grow more to keep an eye on specific business insights.

Problem Overview

SilverChef was expanding and wanted to invest more time in the business to grow it on a big scale. They were looking for an automated solution that helps them to focus more on business. As they want to reach more customers and help them in their business too by providing services to them. They were already using the best platforms that are Shopify and Salesforce CRM for running their business and for best customer relation management respectively. 

The way of working they opted for was a manual way of creating records from their Shopify eCommerce Store to Salesforce CRM. With manual record creation, it’s not possible to the data of customers immediately. So they got missed targeting the right customer at right time with the right data using automated campaigns. This also costs on the basis of money, time, and effort.

Program/Activity Description


SilverChef connected with Webkul is a registered partner with Salesforce. They got the best solution for integrating Shopify and Salesforce CRM with the help of Shopify Salesforce connector. They synced their data in an automated way without facing any duplicate or wrong data creation issues. Now, they synchronize the data on a real-time basis. 

If you want any other requirements to be done in the connector of Shopify Salesforce then you can raise your requirements to the consultant team. They will verify the same with the developer. After that, the team member will let you know about your requested requirements.

Program/Activity Outcomes

As a result, SilverChef was able to focus on their business by opt-in the automated way of synchronizing their Shopify eCommerce data to Salesforce CRM. they end up with amazing results:

  1. Sync all the data in an automated way
  2. Syncs data on a real-time basis to target the customers at the right time
  3. Run the campaigns for orders and abandoned carts
  4. Pitch the right customers with the right data at the right time
  5. Easy to check everything using a single dashboard
  6. More focus on business growth
  7. Get specific insights
  8. Increased opportunities change into leads.


In conclusion, SilverChef used eShopSync for Shopify which helps them grow their business and fulfilled all their requirements. They were glad to connect with the certified team of Webkul and get one of the best solutions.  The Salesforce consultants team members are available to assist you whenever required. You can write them your queries or issues at [email protected]. You can also raise additional requirements for the connector of Shopify Salesforce.

 Additional Information

Make sure to include the following:

  1. Client: SilverChef 
  2. Industry: Hospitality, Banking and Leading
  3. Websites: and  

Use the links below to get the eShopSync for Shopify:

For connector installation and configuration, refer to the eShopSync for Shopify installation and setup guide. It has a detailed process that helps you to do the whole process hassle-free.

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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