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Case Study AngoShop

AngoShop – Accelerating Online Retailing in Angola with Webkul Digital Commerce Services for Web & Mobile

Platform CS-Cart
Industry Retail
Country Angola

AngoShop is an online retail marketplace through which customers can shop products across a wide range of categories from multiple stores and brands in one place.

It is providing competitively priced products at one store on the national market. Customers can buy branded products at wholesale and retail from a different vendors.


The online marketplace is based in Angola, a Central African country. It does not have any offline stores. They are doing their successful business from an online commerce platform, CS-Cart.

The company is focusing on the development of the online store for attracting new customers. It also plans to add many new features for improving the customer shopping experience and making them loyal to the AngoShop brand.

Retail Store in Angola

The online retail industry is rising in Angola. Retail store is further growing with online channels. They are increasing consumer awareness with the increasing competition.

Now, retail businesses focus to increase their economic scale and efficiency through web and mobile commerce channels. Many existing e-commerce retail names are currently serving in Angola such as Ubuy, AngoCart, Boababay, and many more.

Moreover, the retail industry is supporting strong customer demand. As per customer convenience, the industry is doing changes and adopting new techniques.


Additionally, businesses focus on the latest market trends and the ability for growing their store. The retailing industry is working with strategies for future growth opportunities.

Now, AngoShop is adopting new additional features for the online store and building dedicated shopping mobile applications for their customers.

Why Do Retail Stores Need Mobile Apps?

Businesses are adopting the trend of the market for rapid growth. Mobile phones have many features that are used for attracting all the target audience.

Online retail companies can promote their products and brand. Within a competitive market, digital marketing strategies are one of the important factors for any business.

“For us, the Angolan market offers enormous potential. We expect to grow very quickly here and our aim is to become the market leader. We also hope to excite Angolans with our inspiring platform and unique approach to a personal shopping experience” – AngoShop.

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Thus, there are other retailers working smoothly within the online platform. They have adopted mobile applications for managing their customer and business easily such as Casting online, One-Click, Tupuca, and many more. Hence, AngoShop wants to grow and compete with the other retailers.

CS-Cart Marketplace Mobile App Development

Neli Gaspar from AngoShop, connected with Webkul and hired CS-Cart development services for Angoshop mobile app and web marketplace development.

AngoShop is using Webkul’s CS-Cart Marketplace Mobile Application, it is a native app in which the developers can provide all functionalities of the marketplace within the app. So, it helps to provide the best user experience while shopping on mobile.


AngoShop has provided applications for both mobile operating systems- iOS and Android smartphone and tablet users.


The mobile application is available on Google Play and App Store. Customers can compare the products with different vendors available in the AngoShop marketplace mobile app.


AngoShop can spread information and interactive shopping app with a fast response. A mobile phone is very convenient for anyone to check out the product and gain any information.

Verifying New Customers & Vendors

After the mobile app development, our team then worked to customize CS-Cart marketplace with custom features. We helped to create a secure login process for the new customers and vendors.


With the CS-Cart User Activation By Mail, in which customers receive the confirmation link after the creation of the account. As well as a pop-up notification on the website for the confirmation of account creation.


Hence, AngoShop got a secure account creation page for the customer that reduces spam signups and makes sure that the registered email belongs to the actual user.

Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Webkul also integrated the CS-Cart Bitcoin wallet that allows customers to pay for the product using Bitcoin. The Block.IO API is integrated into the AngoShop online marketplace that helps to process fast and secure bitcoin payments.


The customer has to add the bitcoin wallet address and then can pay from the remaining balance. The Bitcoin payment option is available on the payment checkout page.


Hence, the customer can do order payment from bitcoin. They can choose the Bitcoin – Digital wallet.

Ordering Unavailable Products

We implemented the pre-ordering functionality in AngoShop. As the client wanted to allow their customers to buy products in advance that are not available in the store or are out of stock.


Customers can avail of orders in advance with specific tabs on the product page for the pre-order tab in AngoShop. All pre-order products will be visible in the variations of products with the same category only.


Further, the customers can even contact the vendor for any query related to the pre-order products.

In Conclusion

AngoShop has built its online marketplace where multiple vendors can provide their products through web and mobile apps. Webkul team assisted the client and provided CS-Cart marketplace development services to achieve their goal of becoming the leading retail shopping destination in Angola.

Further, to publicize more about its new platform, AngoShop has planned to do promotion campaigns and launch events with influencers, celebrities, and local producers and suppliers.

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