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Case Study Al-Hajery

Al-Hajery: Kuwait Pharmacy Provides Google Maps to Customers to Pin their Address

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Health
Country Kuwait

Al-Hajery is a Kuwait-based Pharmaceutical firm that was opened in 1946 and was among the first pharmacy in the country.

They provide all types of medicines and equipment for all sorts of medical problems and personal care products.

From being a small drug store 75 years ago they have now opened many outlets that cover a large portion of Kuwait’s pharma market.

Kuwait Pharmaceutical Firm

Due to their commitment to provide genuine medicines to the people they are now a well-known pharmacy in the country.

Their motive is to provide the best deals on medicines which helps them increase their business revenue.

Magento Development Services helped this firm simplify its shipment process by accurately gathering the customer’s location.

Pharmaceutical Industry in Kuwait

Kuwait’s Pharma Industry has seen gradual growth in the last few years.

According to Statista, the market is expected to reach USD 880mil in 2024 with an annual growth of 6.72%.

Kuwait’s gradually aging population is one of the biggest consumers and also supports the growth of this industry.

Kuwait Pharmaceutical market

There is a high demand for medicines that focus on treatments for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

The Kuwait Government has invested heavily in the healthcare infrastructure to provide high-quality care for their citizens.

Online eCommerce marketplace pharmacies have become very popular in Kuwait as they offer a convenient way to order medicines from home.

What were the challenges faced by Al-Hajery?

Al-Hajery noticed that customers had trouble entering addresses when people bought things from them online.

This caused a lot of mistakes, like getting the address wrong or missing important shipping details.

As a result, orders took longer to process, and customers weren’t happy with the delays caused as the medicines needed to be delivered on time.

They were searching for a solution to simplify the address entry process during online purchases from their platform and that could also support the Hyva Theme.

To cause fewer mistakes and make things faster they contacted Webkul to resolve their issues via UVdesk ticket support.

In this case study we’ll get to know how Webkul used its powerful solutions to resolve Al-Hajery business challenges.


Integrating Magento 2 Google Maps Pin Address

The Magento 2 Google Maps Pin Address extension from Webkul proved to be the perfect solution to Alhajery’s address entry challenges.

Instead of struggling to type out their address now customers could simply click on a map and drop a pin where they live.

The extension will locate the exact latitude and longitude of the customer which will provide their precise location at the time of delivery.

Kuwait Pharmaceutical Firm address map

The exact location can be sent to the delivery boy on its delivery boy app which will help him to deliver products on time.

This made it easier for customers to input their address when buying online with more accuracy and precision.

The customers don’t have to type their address anymore which makes mistakes less likely and ensures the address is correct.

Kuwait Pharmaceutical Firm

Meanwhile, the store can also set its maximum delivery radius and shipping rates with the help of a hyperlocal system.

Also, it didn’t matter if a person had an account or a guest, everyone could use this Google Maps feature.

End Note

Alhajery can now provide a smoother and more user-friendly online shopping experience by improving order processing efficiency.

By addressing the challenge of manual address entry during online transactions, this solution improved the shopping experience for customers.

This Magento 2 Extension enabled this Kuwait Pharmaceutical firm to have a unique user experience by saving customers time.

With the ease of pinpointing addresses on a map, errors were reduced, and order delivery became more efficient.

Webkul helped Al-Hajery enhance its brand image by resolving its business requirements in this competitive market.

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