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    Business Blogging on Your Shopify Website

    What is Business Blogging?

    Business Blogging is a marketing way to help your business get more online visibility by sharing content that aligns with the need of your enterprise.

    In more generic terms, a strategy to use blogging in order to draw traffic & build online visibility.

    What’s the need?

    This shouldn’t be a question, but still, the following fact states that this is a major content marketing era:

    According to WordPress statistics, users produce more than 70 million new posts each month. In-Depth research showed that almost 2.75 million posts are published each day on WordPress alone.

    And we are squarely in between that era!

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    This ultimately states the fact that how blogging is a key factor in marketing strategy.

    If you’re still not convinced, here are the points telling how blogging can help you take the ladder to gain online visibility & get the bills rolling by driving prospects into leads:

    #1 Drive Traffic

    So, if I ask how many pages your website has & how frequently you update them? Your answer will be ‘not much & not often’.

    Blogs help you add more indexed pages to your website. Thus, letting you announce to the search engines that you aren’t dormant & always updated. Also, letting it know that you are frequently up with fresh content to offer the audience.

    Believe it or not, search engines will do their part by giving your webpages a good ranking in SERP!

    What’s more?

    Blogs let your audience share your information on their social media profiles, thus, giving you exposure to the fresh audience.

    Moreover, you’ll be having something frequently to post on your linked business social media profiles to keep your already connected subscribers engaged & entertained.

    #2 Turning Traffic into Leads

    Each and every blog has an opportunity to generate new leads from the traffic it is getting.

    All it takes is to make your SEO game strong to make it appear in the search results. What’s more important is to always & always include a CTA (Call-to-Action) to every single blog post that you are publishing.

    Types of CTAs you can include:

    • Free Trial
    • Free Guide
    • Download Button
    • Social Media Buttons
    • Newsletter Subscription
    • Internal or External Links


    Being in the eCommerce world, it’s good to note that not every person around is your person when it comes to business. Not every reader will become a lead. Some just land to get the information & leave. Remember, it’s okay!


    #3 No More Confused Customers

    Sharing informative blogs regarding your products can help clear your customer’s doubts & help them make the decision.

    Your business developers can close the deals by sending your prospects the informative blogs that they are interested in. Rather than explaining the benefits with non-aligned terms via calls, emails or over the tickets. It’s not possible to cover each and every point in a ticket reply or over the call. And the possibility is you might miss a highlight of a product which the prospect was most interested in knowing.

    Whereas, a blog is written keeping in mind all the aspects from benefits to use-cases to user-guide/instructions.

    Moreover, if the prospect finds the common questions via blogs written by your company’s content team, they’re more likely to trust the information & go for the product.

    70% of the time, they read to enter the sales process!


    💡 TIP

    Try to focus on the quality that you are sharing rather than leaning towards quantity but then also being consistent with quality work!

    Furthermore, make sure to align your blog posts to the need of your business. Don’t overdo promotions in a single blog. Think from your user’s prospect more than just justifying your product.

    Lastly, listen to your audience. Take every comment in a constructive way & work upon it.

    Inspiring Blogs Run by Ecommerce Stores 

    Here are two Shopify eCommerce stores deliberately writing & adding value to their brand with business blogging. Get inspired!

    PRESS London

    Press sells 100% plant-based quality nutrition that includes cold-pressed juices & cleansers. So, healthy living & healthy eating is their big focused aspect while writing blogs.

    PRESS London

    100% PURE BEAUTY

    100% PURE deals with producing the purest and healthiest products. On similar grounds, they put together helpful guides to let their audience know why only healthiest, purest, most nourishing formulas are good for your skin, hair & body.

    100% Pure Beauty

    Shopify’s Built-in Blogging Engine

    Blogging is a huge portion of an ecommerce marketing strategy, that’s why every Shopify online store comes with a built-in blogging engine.

    It has all from ‘inserting images & videos to the blogs, editing & hiding already written blogs’ to ‘adding tags’. You can even schedule future blog posts on your Shopify store.

    How to get started?

    Simply visit your Shopify Admin Panel and then click on Online Store and then click on the sub-menu Blog posts. Further, click on Create blog post.

    You can go ahead and add title, blog content, excerpt, website SEO, tags & featured image. Lastly, don’t forget to set the visibility.

    The blog design depends on your Shopify theme, and can be customized by editing the Liquid code.

    Blog post on Shopify

    You can also schedule a future publishing date fo your blog.

    Shopify Blog Post

    So you see how easy it is to start business blogging and get into the content marketing zone with Shopify. No installation, no coding, nothing, just a few steps & voila!

    Check out Shopify’s own blogs- Shopify Blogs

    Don’t Have An Online Store?

    To start your online business, go for the Shopify’s 14-days free trial period and put your imagination into reality.

    Create an Online Store for free!

    💡 Need Help?

    Moreover, you can drop your query at [email protected] or raise a ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

    Until next time. 👋

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