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    Business after Covid-19 with Odoo

    Running your own business is definitely not easy as it seems in your dreams. However, if your business ideas get the right system and path, it is the easiest thing to go with throughout your life. In this amidst of Covid-19, where everyone is sitting at their homes safely, managing a profitable business can be a tough task to handle.

    Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less!!

    Every business goes with ups and downs in their journey, But, this time, the corona effect has let many business owners into the middle of the ocean and are unable to take an appropriate decision for their work. As we all know, the impact of COVID-19 will remain for a very long time. People will be afraid of leaving their houses and will try to maintain social distancing. In that case, a proper system needs to be adopted by these businesses to manage their work properly.

    As we have encountered the office shutdowns for a very long time now, its high time to find a way to get organized and improvized solution for the whole scenario.

    Odoo Can help Business to Prepare For Customers Behaviour and Needs During and After COVID

    As well all know, Odoo is one of the most flexible and amazing ERP platform that marked its footsteps in every kind of industries out there. Following the customizable nature of Odoo, we at Webkul are ready to provide you with some amazing solutions in the name of modules that could help your organization to walk up with the current circumstances.

    Here we are with some Odoo modules that can help you to uplift your business in this pandemic situation

    The Work from Home Scenario

    As we know, the employees of the company were asked to work from their homes due to the Covid outbreak. Due to this, there is a need for a system that can allow admin to explicitly keep a track of employee’s work. Keeping in mind, Webkul offers you Odoo Work From Home module. Since work from home is a new challenge for many companies, Odoo makes it possible to tackle this situation without any hassle.

    The Odoo Work From Home allows us to give the remote access to the employees by enabling IP check and by adding certain IP’s. It helps that the employees who are assigning Work from home can mark their attendance remotely. It mainly helps to provide an efficient remote work environment to you and your employees both.

    The Hospitality Industry

    The hospitality industry got a major hit this year due to Covid. The business owners have to come up with some amazing solutions to cope up with the loss and be back to normal.

    As we know, eCommerce is quite a trend now, so taking your business online can be a great idea in this situation. Whether, you want to sell products or offer any kind of service, making a website is an apt choice for you.

    When we talk about hospitality, the first thing that comes in our mind is to serve our customers in every possible way. However, the Covid outbreak cam up as a speed breaker in between our work and left us with no choice rather than sitting at our homes safely.

    To overcome this, different hospitality industries came up with new solutions to serve their customers in this pandemic too. So, here we are ready to talk about different sections of hospitality where Odoo can help these business owners to come back again on the track.

    The cafes and restaurants business

    Nowadays as people tend to sit at their homes and maintain social distancing, the cafe and restaurants are facing a heavy loss in this pandemic situation. However, still people love eating food so instead of dining in, they started to get food delivered at their doorstep. This clicked in the mind of many restaurant owners to set up a system that can help them to maintain online deliveries on a daily basis. Using Odoo POS, you can turn your losses into great profits without any hassle.

    Odoo Point of Sale not only helps you to run a store where you can sell out products. The cashier can send the order instructions to the chefs in the kitchen printers directly. You can even receive an overview of all your home delivered orders and make changes on the go with a graphical editor.

    Also, you can go through with some great Odoo POS extensions by us. These modules can help you enhance the features to make a healthy relationship with your customers. This in a result, makes good sales and profits. Odoo POS Return Module helps you returning an order in a more convenient way, which is something every customer strives for in today’s world. As you will make your return policy easy, customers will be confident in trading with you without any inconvenience. It also saves your customers time that makes your business more appealing and trustworthy to them for trading in the future.


    Odoo POS Partial Payment allows the seller to invoice and validate partially paid or unpaid orders in POS. In this way, a customer doesn’t need to worry about the fund availability before purchasing any products thus it will increase the sale of your products.

    You can also provide a safe solution for transaction processes. Odoo Website PayTabs Payment Acquirer Module. It integrates PayTabs payment with Odoo so your customers can securely pay for their purchases online. The module provides a quick and safe payment option for customers.

    For more safe payment solutions, you can go through all the Odoo Payment modules and make payment convenient for customers.

    However, with COD as the last point resort add the flexibility of payments for customers with online payment options. Odoo Marketplace cash On delivery (COD) adds the cash on delivery option on your Odoo Marketplace website. Your customers can now easily pay with cash for their orders.

    Cafes and restaurants need to gear up to handle crowds and also maintain distancing in the store. Odoo Queue management offers a robust solution to organize your customers.

    The travel Industry

    Like any other industry, The travel industry has evolved constantly to keep up with the changing consumer tastes and the heavy competition to stand out. However, the current environment is not well-suited to the travel agencies are thinking to overcome it as soon as possible.

    Well, due to the innovative technology Odoo owns, these travel agencies have a sigh of relief and can make their customer’s travel easy to compare prices of tickets, choose between multiple agencies, and get numerous reviews from all around the globe.

    As we all know, the huge loss in the travel industry forced these companies to surge up the prices of tickets. This came down as a very harsh step on the local passengers who can’t afford these expensive tickets. Well, our Odoo gives you a chance to these travel agencies to set up of the price range for their tickets to their customers.

    So, if you own an Odoo website, you can install an advance functionality, i.e Odoo Website Product Price Range Module, that enables you to set the price range that helps customers to search for a flight in their suitable price range. It helps the website admin to set the price range from the backend that enables customers to filter out the prices on the frontend.

    eCommerce and Marketplace With Covid-19

    The current pandemic situation forced many consumers to change their shopping habits and shift to online shopping. However, a small percentage of public is still dependent on physical shops to fulfill their household needs.

    This led many retail shops to shut down their shops and wait until the situation gets normal as before. However, this retention will last after the lockdown or restriction ends as people will take all the safety measures afterward. As a result, the business situation will not be the same as it was earlier.

    To overcome this situation, these small business owners can start selling their products online on the Marketplace. Yes, you heard that right!! As, online shopping is the call of time, its time to sell your products online. Create your Odoo website and connect your website with some renowned Marketplace to get huge no. Of audience for your products. Odoo connectors help acts like a bridge between your Odoo website and a Marketplace.

    Also, you can bring In your marketplace customers with some amazing solutions that provide a hassle-free experience to your customers.

    Provide an answer guide to the customer about your preparedness on COVID. Odoo Product FAQ Module lets you display already framed questions and answers. It helps to clear general doubts and queries of customers in an attractive accordion-style, to provide powerful navigation.

    or you can also ask your customers to subscribe to newsletters. Odoo website newsletter module sends a newsletter or promotional emails easily by setting a Cron scheduler. It even sends festive offer emails that can be created at a time and future date can be set to send them.

    You can also provide your customers with a hassle-free home delivery option too. Odoo POS Home delivery module allows you to manage home deliveries easily. Admin can create a Sales Order in a draft state under quotations as orders are not in a paid state.

    To provide a safe and hassle-free payment option, you can opt for the Odoo POS Wallet Management module. It allows the seller to create wallets for the customer in POS Session. Customers can get their wallet recharge to add wallet credits at any time and these wallet credits can be used by the customer for future purchases.

    Like this, there are many more modules available for customer’s satisfaction. For that, you can go through the following links.

    The e-Learning programmes

    The ongoing pandemic has not only put breaks on the trains and buses but has also let schools and colleges on a break. Due to this, the student’s education has also been hampered on a large scale. Although our govt. took some great steps to maintain balance in the education field but still, it’s important to keep learning.

    Elearning companies like Udemy are already offering discounts to the people on their courses. As it is a new advancement of digitalization, online learning programs are a huge success in this lockdown. People are also looking or good e-education programs to improve their knowledge and skills. It also helps to utilize the time inside the house.

    Even in the post COVID environment, social media will help you not only to survive but grow.

    To give your plan a racetrack, its important to promote your online education campaign. It will not only set you up for today but also make you a reliable and trusted brand for people in the days to come.

    E-learning is the new face of education in the world of technology. Odoo e-Learning Marketplace provides you a single solution for all your business problems with an enhanced E-learning system.


    The Covid pandemic has definitely changed the mindset of many people out there and turned themselves towards online shopping. This has let eCommerce gain a huge success and will continue to remain. However, leaders as people will still be maintaining social distancing and avoid public gatherings. We have to keep calm and fight through this situation bravely and keep our businesses running in the upcoming future.

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