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    Bigcommerce Helpdesk App

    Upcoming Feature – Bigcommerce Helpdesk App

    Now, get start Integration your BigCommerce store with UVdesk helpdesk by installing the app from the BigCommerce app marketplace

    Support your customer in real time by letting them to create the ticket from the UVdesk option available in My Account section and response them from your store and UVdesk dashboard as well.

    Bigcommerce helpdesk, You can now –

    • Smooth and categorized way of interaction between the Merchant and the customer.
    • The admin can enable and disable this support option themselves by selecting the desired option from the store backend.
    • Registered Buyers will be able to create a ticket from the Storefront panel and check the complete history of tickets once they’re registered
    • Admin can perform various actions on the ticket like sending files, create labels, status and manage tickets either Bigcommerce backend store or UVdesk Ticket list view as well.
    • Both Admin/support staff and customer get the notification of new ticket and new reply.
    • Both Merchant and customer able to search any specific ticket by using various properties.
    • Admin can assign the ticket to group, team, and agent and also set the workflow for the same.
    • Merchant will be able to view the history of customer tickets and reply to customer accordingly.

    Installation of Bigcommerce Helpdesk App

    Integration with your BigCommerce store to UVdesk helpdesk is easy. Here is the quick guide to installing this App

    • Login to your Bigcommerce admin panel.
    • After you’ve logged in, you should see the Apps.
    • Click on the Marketplace under Apps and place your cursor over the then click.
    • Enter UVdesk in the Search bar and click on UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk.

    BigCommerce Helpdesk App


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    • Now, click on Get this App and hit the Install button.

    Bicommerce UVdesk App - Installation

    • The app is now installed and you should see the UVdesk App installed in your app list.

    Important Information:

    When you have done the installation, Your account will be automatically created on UVdesk.

    You’ll get two emails one for your registration on UVdesk, another for setting up your UVdesk password.

    BigCommerce Helpdesk App

    • After checking the checkbox and clicking on confirm, It will show UVdesk helpdesk/dashboard.

    Bigcommerce UVdesk Dashboard

    • On the dashboard page, you will see:
    1. View tickets
    2. configuration
    3. “+” icon for creating a ticket.

    Tickets View

    Your Bigcommerce account is now integrated with your UVdesk and you will be able to view all tickets, on the Ticket View page from where you can handle customer query and perform an action on the same.

    BigCommerce Ticket View

    • An administrator can assign the particular tickets to Agent, Group, Team and set status, ticket type, priority, and label.

    BigCommerce ticket view

    • Admin can also able to delete unwanted tickets.
    • You can view the insight of tickets by clicking the Ticket Id and reply to the customer as well.

    BigCommerce Inner Ticket View

    Note – To get order related information on the ticket you can refer this User guide, Order Fetch.

    • You can also create a ticket from your admin store panel on behalf of your customer by clicking this green icon “+” button

    BigCommerce Helpdesk - Create Ticket


    • You can Set up Support page by configuration from the store backend.
    • In this section, You will get four option Page name, Slug, Form and Page Visibility.

    Page name –  Change the name of the store support page by choosing this option.

    Slug – You can edit slug name in this option, Make sure same slug name haven’t used before in web page.

    Form – Select the desirable form out of listed one(Which you have already build from the UVdesk form builder app) which you would like to display at the front of your store.

    Page Visibility – By clicking this option you can enable and disable the support page on the front store.

    BigCommerce Helpdesk - Configuration


    Front End of Bigcommerce Helpdesk

    By clicking on UVdesk(You can replace page name from configuration) option, the customer can able to create the ticket(only registered users).

    Bigcommerce Store Panel

    • After login, the customer will get the ticket option.

    Create Ticket Over Store Panel

    • Now, the customer can able to create the ticket from this panel and check the complete history and the status of tickets by choosing the ticket list option.

    BigCommerce UVdesk Ticket View

    Customer Ticket Status

      • A customer can filter out their tickets based on status, by using the status option.

      Customer Ticket Status

    Customer TIckets View

    • A customer can check the ticket view by clicking on Ticket Id from the ticket list and reply to agents from here and can express their query by using the various option like multiple file attachments, check status and much more.

    Customer Ticket History

    Support for Bigcommerce helpdesk

    If you have any query or doubt please email us at [email protected] or connect us on UVdesk Support.


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