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    B2B Marketplace Supplier Onboarding

    As discussed in the previous article about the “b2b marketplace pricing strategy“.We are going to discuss supplier registration and onboarding into a b2b marketplace.

    What is B2B Marketplace Supplier Onboarding?

    In b2b marketplaces, there are a couple of requirements that need to be fulfilled by the supplier. Those facts are critical for the  b2b marketplaces. Example-

    • Tax information,
    • Supplier identity documents,
    • Various certifications,
    • Capital investment,
    • Company/ Factory size,
    • Trade capacity,
    • Production capacity,

    and many other factors. As an example screenshot from

    As you can see supplier have various attributes and information. Hence, which is critical for the supplier onboarding into the b2b marketplaces like Alibaba.

    So If you are creating a b2b multi-vendor marketplace then it is highly required that your supplier registration should be super smooth.

    B2b Marketplace supplier Registration and Microsite

    Thus, every b2b business is unique in nature. It is highly recommended that seller signup should be highly customizable.  However, a unique registration form for all the vendors may not work in b2b eCommerce.

    Example –

    . . .
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    . . .

    Supplier A / Vendor A – who is working in the garment industry

    Supplier B/ Vendor B – Who is working in Auto parts industry 

    So, as you can understand that both the industries are very different so their business information may vary a lot as well.

    B2b Ecommerce – Private and Public Information

    This is also possible that some of the information. However, it is only available for the marketplace. Whereas, not for the public users.

    So this is highly critical that your supplier information attributes must have those configurations.

    Webkul is the largest supplier of b2b marketplaces in the world. Hence, let us know if you have any further queries for b2b marketplaces.

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