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    B2B Marketplace Shopping List

    B2B Marketplace Shopping List – In the series of b2b multi vendor marketplace. Today we will try to discuss more another b2b feature “Shopping list”

    What is a Shopping list

    The shopping list is a list of items. It’s like a wishlist but you can also create a quotation or order based on your shopping list. Here are the feature of the shopping list

    • Users can create an unlimited shopping list.
    • A shopping list can be used for RFQ ( Request for quote )
    • Order generation can take place from shopping list.
    • The shopping list can be easily integrated with Quick Order

    Role of B2B Marketplace Shopping List

    As b2b marketplace is built for high volume transactions. In b2b eCommerce it is important to provide tools for price management and negotiations.

    Quotations and Purchase orders are important but the shopping list comes first. Using shopping list merchants can create multiple calculations or you can say multiple quick lists.

    In the b2b multi-vendor marketplace “quick order+ shopping list+price list” are three critical features for any b2b stores.

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    B2b shopping list – Back office management

    Shopping lists are important for b2b customers but they are also important for the b2b marketplace as well. In the back office marketplace owner or sales rep can view the shopping list.

    Hence, a sales rep can manage ( edit, update ) the shopping list.

    This is important because in b2b purchasing cycle is quite long and many times updates on the shopping list are very much possible.

    So sales rep must have all the rights to manage the shopping list on the customer’s behalf.

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