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    B2B eCommerce Purchase List

    Most of the time when people hear about the Purchase List in B2B eCommerce, they rapidly start linking it to the Shopping carts. They are not exactly the same and differ in many ways.

    If we consider the connectivity in between Shopping cart and shopping list, we will find that “Shopping Carts are the crucial part of Purchase lists”.

    Although, purchase lists play a vital role in B2B eCommerce in order to manage the bulk order purchase, proper details about the shopping list and the quick purchase.

    Also, Webkul has many more add ons for quick order in Magento 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Odoo, etc.

    Why Shopping list in B2B eCommerce?

    The shopping list is one of the beneficial features of B2C E-commerce but it also plays a vital role in the B2B E-commerce and also wholesale suppliers.

    Implementing features like Amazon is never been an easy task. Webkul provides add ons to integrate this amazing feature to your eCommerce site. Check below-

    The modules provide exact features that are a must for B2B Ecommerece.

    Shopping List Benefits

    Create Desired Shopping Lists

    Creating the shopping list from their own was a kind of myth for the customers when the e-commerce industry was pretty new. This feature provided many leverages.

    Meanwhile, just by entering the names of the shopping list the customers can create their own shopping lists.

    This is a reference image from Shopping List for Magento 2.

    Personalized Shopping Lists

    A large number of products can be added by the customer. The customers can create their own shopping list whose access is limited to them only.

    Meanwhile, any customer can not access the list of any other customer. Further, customers can create as many shopping lists as they need.

    The products on the list may have the same or different set of products in the shopping lists.

    Not only this, but the guest customers can also manage their shopping list. A default guest shopping list is already present there for the guest customers.

    Manage Multiple Shopping Lists

    Most of the time, multiple shopping lists are needed for different purposes. The customer can easily classify the lists as per their needs and specifications.

    For instance, a list for the grocery products, another for watches and another one for the clothes and many more can be created by single products.

    This is a reference image from Shopping List for Magento 2.

    Create Order Quickly

    While adding the products and creating the final list the customer can directly purchase the products from the list.

    Moreover, the customers are not needed to feel the boredom of moving through multiple pages. They can view and make the purchase on the same page in order to save their time and quick checkout.

    This is a reference image from Shopping List for Magento 2.

    Easy Price Computation

    While adding the products to the shopping list the customer can easily check the total price in the shopping list for all the added products before actually moving to the cart.

    The price computation will always be accurate and according to the quantity added by the customer to the list.

    Further, the customer can now purchase the products as per their budget. The products with higher priority can be purchased first.

    Also, the shopping list can be classified as per the product category, product priority, the set of products in the lists, etc.

    This is a reference image from Shopping List for Magento 2.

    Add Products

    The customers do not have to switch in between multiple tabs or pages in order to add products to the shopping lists.

    This means the products can be added while you are surfing the categories or viewing any specific product, you can add the products to the desired list created by them.

    • From Category Page

    Every time the customer does not need to view the product to add it to the shopping list. Products can be directly added from the category page itself.

    This is a reference image from Shopping List for Magento 2.
    • From Product Page

    The customer can also first view the product first and then add it to the desired shopping list.

    This is a reference image from Shopping List for Magento 2.

    Wishlist V/S Shopping List

    Most of the times people face a type of confusion between the Wish List and the Shopping list. Whereas, they are different in many aspects:

    • The customer can create an order for the products on the shopping list. But in the wishlist, there is no such option available.
    • The customer can make an estimate of the expenses as the list total is present in the shopping list itself.
    • Any quantity of products can be added by the customer the total will be calculated as per the quantities.

    eCommerce Purchase List For Wholesalers

    For the whole sellers, this feature is exactly what they were searching for. The sellers can directly add the desired quantity to the shopping list and purchase the product in bulk.

    Moreover, the wholesalers need to manage huge stocks so they purchase the products at the wholesale price, not the retail one.

    For this, they can also quote the product for the genuine rates and final rates will be as per the sellers.

    That’s all for the B2B eCommerce Purchase List. If you still have any queries or doubts regarding the same, please raise a ticket at the HelpDesk System.

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