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Automate image copyright data with photoshop

Hello Designer, Today I am going to explain to you how to add your copyright content to your image render from photoshop.

Let’s Start Quickly.

Step 1: Create an action.
Create action with any name as you wish, in my case I am using “Copyright”.

Step 2: Go to File > File Info

Step 3: Fill out the information
Here a bunch of information is needed in various tabs but I am only filling the basic information in the basic tab related to my company.

Step 4: Now stop recording to save the action.

Step 5: Go to File > Scripts > Script Event Manager.

Script Event Manager – Trigger your action at every photoshop event like open, close, new document open, close document, save etc.

So here we are going to create two event one when a new document is open and a new document is created.

Simply choose Photoshop event – new form the dropdown and chooses the same action that we created.

All done now!

To check this action render any file from the photoshop in any format.
Upload this image on Exif Data and file the text you mention in file info.


Hope! This article will help you out to manage your copyright content with your images.

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