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Top 5 Augmented Reality Ideas for OpenCart Mobile App

Updated 23 April 2024

Augmented reality in the OpenCart mobile app is important because it provides an experience to view e-commerce products in a real-world environment. 

As per the current era Augmented Reality (AR) in eCommerce can transform into an achievement in the terms of business. 

Nowadays companies (i.e Lakme India) are integrating AR and OpenCart mobile apps to build virtual apps (i.e make-up).

Explore more on virtual makeup try on solution and how it can help the beauty and cosmetic industry.

augmented reality mobile app

Painting apps can be developed by AR in OpenCart Android and iOS platforms. It will give us an occurrence of how a room will look in any pick-out colour and wallpaper. (i.e Dulux Colour )

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Top 5 ideas of Augmented Reality in OpenCart Mobile App 

1): Virtual try-on eye-wear in the OpenCart mobile app

It is one of the ideas in eCommerce of Augmented Reality which we can add to the OpenCart mobile app (i.e Lenskart )

A) Virtual try-on

For example, you can go through the extension Magento 2 virtual try-on and get this functionality in the OpenCart mobile app. 

It is built on image-imposing technology. With the help of this app, we can give functionality to our customers the to try the products in a virtual environment.

According to this OpenCart mobile app, a user can upload the image the appropriate application will detect the eye pupil.

The spectacles or eyeglasses will be visible on the face image that the user has uploaded and the user can adjust the spectacles image over the uploaded face image. 

augmented reality feature

To understand the functionality in a better way, can go through the live demo as well. 

B) Sunglass virtual try-on

For example, you can go through the extension Magento 2 sunglasses virtual try-on and get this functionality in the OpenCart Android and iOS platforms. 

It is built on machine learning and face recognition to complete 3D view personalization. 

sun glasses virtual try on

With the help of this AR functionality in the OpenCart mobile app, it gives a virtual try-on spectacle with the help of a webcam.

virtual try on image flow

We can check the live demo to test the functionality.  

2): Shoe Try-on in OpenCart Mobile App 

This is also an idea of Augmented Reality in the OpenCart mobile app 

There is a functionality where the user can open the app and it will ask you to allow the camera.

Put the camera towards your feet it will detect the user’s feet and give an online try-on of shoes. User can select the shoes that he wants to try. 

It will give you a real-world environment of the product and the user can buy the product as per the understanding. 

virtual tryon shoes
virtual tryon shoes

3): Watch Try-On in the OpenCart Mobile App

It is also an example of AR for OpenCart mobile apps. 

As per the functionality of the OpenCart mobile app when a user will click on the camera, it will detect the wrist of the user and give a real-time image of the watch. 

Users want to have a better experience and they want to be sure that they are buying the right product or not

It will give a 3D image of the watch and guarantee the consumers of ordering the correct product. 

virtual try on opencart mobile app

4): View Product in AR (WebAR) in OpenCart Mobile App 

Another idea of AR in the OpenCart mobile app. 

Here can build an OpenCart mobile app where the user has the functionality to check the product in AR mode. 

There should be a button on the product page of the OpenCart android platform. 

While picking out the product, the user can click on the button of AR from which the surface can be detected to place the product.

web ar image

And give a 3D visualisation effect to the consumer. 

After that, the user can click on the surface which is detected and the product will get visible virtually. 

web AR flow

Users can check and place the product as per their requirements


5): AR Virtual Measurement in OpenCart Mobile App

This is another AR idea for OpenCart iOS mobile app 

By using this feature in the OpenCart mobile app there will be an option to collect the data of the measurement of the object for which the customer required the product.

Here the products which are using the OpenCart iOS app are simple products with custom options. 

Users can enter the size of the same with the help of the AR button on the product page 

The user has to enter the complete details here. Else user can click on the AR button which will open up the measurement recorder window 

Users can start to record the measurement after that the customer can click on the correct button to save the measurement. 


The end-user can buy the product through the checkout process.


To summarize, AR in an OpenCart mobile app gives the best experience in a real-time environment. 

It gives the 3D effect of every product. In the coming time, it will help in increasing business performance. 

Webkul also provides open-source CMS development services for Augmented Reality. In case of any queries or requirements please feel free to contact us

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