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    Jmeter installation

    Updated 8 January 2020


    Apache Jmeter is a java application testing tool used for analysing and measuring the performance of different software services and products. It is an Open Source testing tool. This tool is developed by Stefano Mazzocchi.

    The Operating Systems compatible with JMeter are:

    • Linux
    • Windows
    • Mac OS
    • Ubuntu

    Features of Jmeter

    • It is open source tool.
    • It is pure java application.
    • It can generates different types of reports.i.e Aggregate graph
    • Support various server types like HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP,FTP etc
    • It has a simple GUI. So, that user can use it easily.

    Installation of Jmeter

    Step1 : Download Java

    JMeter is a developed in Java. So you require to install the latest version of JRE or JDK to run JMeter.Check this link and download the latest version of java.

    After installation is finished then check the java version through the command prompt, run the command i.e java -version

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    Step 2 : Download Jmeter

    Go to the following URL location to download the latest version of Jmeter.

    Choose the Binaries file (either zip or tgz) to download as shown in the image below.


    when file is downloaded then open that file where this file exist and then extract the file.

    Step 3 : Run JMeter

    when you extract the file then Open the terminal and type the following command to go the location from where you can run Jmeter.


    Now use the command ./ to run the Jmeter. If you are using Windows, just run the file ./jmeter.bat.


    Such type of Dialog box will open.


    That’s all about installation of jmeter.

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