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Announcing 5M USD grant to drive Indian Open source ecosystem

Updated 17 December 2021

We are happy in announcing 5M USD grant to drive the Indian Open source ecosystem as a grant for various FOSS projects and hackathons from India to drive the open-source culture and bring more homegrown Indian open-source projects to the limelight.

The grants will help the open source projects support their communities around the world by organizing conferences, raising sponsors and educating their respective customers.

As a first step towards this venture, we have decided to grant 1M USD in Bagisto, which has gained quite traction in the past three years and has become the go-to open source eCommerce solution for merchants across the world. 


Bagisto is highly customizable, out of the box eCommerce platform. It contains scores of modules, everything from multi inventory management to marketplaces, point of sales and PWAs.

In a time frame of just three years, the platform from India has got over 50k+ downloads, 4k+ Github Stars, built a community of 2000+ members and grown its user base to more than 500k.

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Built on top of the Laravel and Vue js framework, Bagisto allows one to rapidly customize and build complex business applications and workflows. Bagisto is available as a truly free and open source system (MIT licensed) to adapt, install, and self-manage.


Launched in 2018 as a system to bridge the gap between the Laravel community and eCommerce, and since then, the project has emerged into as well crafted alternatives to the likes of Magento and WooCommerce, being one of the only kinds in the world while being fully bootstrapped.

The team of passionate technologists and FOSS enthusiasts are now at a juncture where they have to expand to non-tech areas such as sales and consulting to cater to the growing list of enterprise, B2B customers. 

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