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    AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in Ecommerce

    Updated 12 May 2022

    AMP Ecommerce – There is alot of fuss going now a days about mobile pages and mobile page rank as now google have introduced mobile first index  which is a big step for mobile web search and mobile web sites . Google have specifically introduced about the concept of mobile first index . I am adding an excerpt of it you may find the complete detail here

    • If you have a responsive site or a dynamic serving site where the primary content and markup is equivalent across mobile and desktop, you shouldn’t have to change anything.
    • If you have a site configuration where the primary content and markup is different across mobile and desktop, you should consider making some changes to your site.
      • Make sure to serve structured markup for both the desktop and mobile version.
        Sites can verify the equivalence of their structured markup across desktop and mobile by typing the URLs of both versions into the Structured Data Testing Tool and comparing the output.
        When adding structured data to a mobile site, avoid adding large amounts of markup that isn’t relevant to the specific information content of each document.
      • Use the robots.txt testing tool to verify that your mobile version is accessible to Googlebot.
      • Sites do not have to make changes to their canonical links; we’ll continue to use these links as guides to serve the appropriate results to a user searching on desktop or mobile.
    • If you are a site owner who has only verified their desktop site in Search Console, please add and verify your mobile version.
    • If you only have a desktop site, we’ll continue to index your desktop site just fine, even if we’re using a mobile user agent to view your site.If you are building a mobile version of your site, keep in mind that a functional desktop-oriented site can be better than a broken or incomplete mobile version of the site. It’s better for you to build up your mobile site and launch it when ready.

    What that means to an E-commerce retailer and merchants ? does that will impact on their online presence? also what about the other factors like

    • AMP – accelerated mobile pages
    • PWA – progressive web app

    i will try to explain every point one by one . As google says if you are already having a responsive website and content is same in your mobile and desktop view you really dont need to worry about .

    AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is something which is really really important for online retailers and merchants . AMP was started for publishing networks like news and press but its not limited to publish network now . Ebay already released their AMP powered website , you may find the complete story here –

    So the big question ? How a normal merchant or retailer can have a AMP powered website ?

    Searching for an experienced
    Magento Company ?
    Find out More

    Yes for sure it is a big question . Suppose i am running an e-commerce website and now i want to enable accelerated mobile pages for my webshop is it possible ? well i already have lots of customer does it will impact the conversion or my site will go down for that moment ? or my SERP results will be affected ? there are lots of questions regarding this . Let me answer all of them one by one . First of all let me explain the AMP a bit in plain english so that every one can understand  🙂

    AMP are “accelerated mobile pages” which will be generated  with your normal website and google will understand amp pages by rel=”amphtml” attribute . Got it ? well i m not sure let me explain more on it .

    Suppose you are running a magento store and your product page url is 

    and imagine if someone search in google like “blue shirt” then if your page is AMP enabled then the AMP icon (thunder icon) will display at your SERP ( search engine result page  ) . WTH ? question is still there how does the google will know either my magento product page is amp enabled or not ?

    Well for that you need to add rel=”amphtml” attribute and need to design a specific page for that blue shirt product . Also you need to mention that url with amphtml attribute .

    I think now i understood but do i need to do it manually for all the pages ? well my site have more than 10,000 skus how it possible ? well STOP STOP you dont need to do it manually , we have created extensions for following platforms

    • Magento AMP Ecommerce (accelerated mobile pages ) Extension
    • Magento 2 AMP Ecommerce (accelerated mobile pages ) Extension
    • OpenCart AMP Ecommerce (accelerated mobile pages ) Extension
    • PrestaShop AMP Ecommerce (accelerated mobile pages ) Extension
    • CS-Cart AMP Ecommerce (accelerated mobile pages ) Extension

    So if you are using above extensions then everything will be managed by our extensions end that means AMP pages generation and amp validation EVERYTHING .

    So why I need AMP Ecommerce ? Does it include any SEO ranking signals 

    Well for now AMP does not include any SEO Boost as per the john muller “AMP is not a SEO ranking signal yet” you may check the complete video tuotorial here 

    Well then why i need it ? AMP is much more than SEO signal itself . The main factor which we understood by the usage of AMP in E-commerce is “bounce rate” AMP pages are lighting fast and provides a brilliant user experience ( UX) also user spend more time on AMP pages as they load fast even in low internet speed which reduces the bounce rate  and increase the sales conversions .

    User experience is something which you as a shop owner can not ignore also , customers are spending more time on amp pages which is huge and increases the percentage of purchasing

    As mobile web first time in history outpaces desktop web so mobile is something which is really critical for every online ecommerce retailer .

    Does the AMP affect my existing SEO rank ? well as i stated earlier its not , still your ecommerce shop ranking factor is determined by your desktop website  or Mobile web site ( if you have different website ). AMP for now a brilliant UX factor and for sure increase the mobile sales conversions .

    I hope you have enjoyed the articles still have any query please put a query here support at

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