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Advanced Pricing in Magento2

Updated 21 March 2023

In this blog, we will discuss Advanced Pricing in Magento2. Advanced Pricing offers customers better prices that encourage consumers to spend more, drive traffic, and clear old stock. Based on sales, quantity, or customer groups, Magento 2 comes with four types of advanced pricing.

  • Special Price: Offers customers a lower price than the regular one. 
  • Group Price: Gives discount prices for a particular customer group.
  • Tier Price: Offers customers better prices when they buy products in bulk.
  • MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price. This requires you not to sell the product at a lower price than the one manufacturers offer. To meet their requirements while providing customers with a better price, Magento equips your store with MAP to hide the product price from the product detail page. 

Let’s set these types of special pricing:

1> In the admin sidebar, go to Catalog → Products

2> Select the product you want to apply the advanced pricing to, so, we take a Magento2 simple product named test Products as an example.


3> Under the Price field, click Advanced Pricing.

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4> Open a SidePanel of Advance pricing where you can set up these advanced prices.

Now, let’s get started with Special Price.

Magento 2 Special Price

To apply the special price to a product, you need to set a lower price for the product within a specific date range on the product edit page. When the sale is over, the discount price will automatically be replaced with the regular price on the product detail page. 

Setup Special Price
On the Product Details Page
On Catalog Category Page

Magento 2-Tier Price

Another advanced pricing in Magento 2 is Tier Price. It enables you to offer customers discounts when customers buy items in bulk. For instance, buy 5-10 for $20 each instead of $25.

So, how to set up a Magento 2-tier price for a product? Below are the steps to follow:

Setup Tier price for 5 Quantity
On the Product Details Page
Product List Page

You can set up many variations of discounts as per the requirements

Magento 2 Group Price

Group price is a part of tier price, and we set it up in the same way. The difference is, you offer customers a tier price based on the quantity of a product ordered. Meanwhile, group prices are based on the customer group. For group prices, the value in the Quantity field is always 1.

Merchants can set up group prices for their products, which allows them to offer different prices for different customer groups. For example, a merchant might offer a product for $10 for regular customers, but for a VIP customer group, the price drops to $8.

Set Group Price for RETAILERS
When Normal Customer Login
When Retailer’s Customer Login
On Retailer Catalog List Page

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

Sometimes we may be restricted from displaying a lower price than the manufacturer’s one. Magento offers Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for hiding the actual price from the product page. 

Here is how we set up the MAP:

Options in MAP
  • Minimum Advertised Price: Enter 30 as the price that the manufacturer offers.
  • Display Actual Price: Select the position where customers can see the actual price. There are three options to select from: On GestureIn Cart, and Before Order Confirmation.

NOTEUse Config allows you to use the current configuration settings to display the actual price.

1. On Gesture: To see the lower price, customers need to click Click for the price.

set on gesture

2. In Cart: To see the better price, customers have to add the product to the cart.

Set Option IN CART
Product Details Page
Price In Cart

3. Before Order Confirmation: This option allows you to show the actual price before order confirmation.

Set Before Order Confirm
Product Details Page

These are the ways to implement Advanced Pricing in Magento2 and understand the concept of how to set up special prices, tiered prices, group prices, and MAP in Magento2.

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