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    Add Foreign key in Magento2

    Here we are discussing to make a column to a foreign key in your table by installer.

    Add following code in your “InstallSchema.php” file:

    Here, “wk_child_table” is a name of foreign key table .

    “wk_main_table” is a name of parent table/reference table.

    “main_id” is a reference column name of “wk_main_table” table.

    “entity_id” is a foreign key column name of “wk_child_table” table.

    “ACTION_CASCADE” : is a type of action which executes on a matched row of child table when a parent table row get updated or deleted

    Here are list of types which can be add/define:

    1. ACTION_CASCADE: It automatically update or delete the matching child row(foreign key row) when parent table row get updated or deleted.
    2. ACTION_SET_NULL: It sets the value to null of foreign key column or columns  when parent table row get updated or deleted.
    3.  ACTION_NO_ACTION: When a parent table’s column get deleted or updated then there is no action is performed on child column.
    4. ACTION_RESTRICT: Rejects the update or delete operation, it means no changes happens when parent table row get deleted or updated. This action is used as default action.
    5. ACTION_SET_DEFAULT: it is working same as ACTION_SET_NULL, difference is it sets column’s default value when a parent row get update or delete.

    Note: Type of both the columns reference column and foreign key column should be same.

    After using this code foreign key will be added to your table’s column.

    Thank you.

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  • Aaron McMillin
    What do you call the “addForeignKey” method on? And can you do this to modify the Customer model to add a new FK?
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