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    Add fields in admin Category Form magento2

    Today we are discussing how to add custom attributes/fields in category add/edit page in admin panel in  magento2.

    Firstly you have to create attribute for category.

    For example: you have created an attribute with attribute_code: “category_test_field”.

    Now, in magento 2.1.0 it does not displays the attributes by default in the form, to display attribute in category form you have to define it in ui_component.

    Now, create a file under app/code/Webkul/Test/view/adminhtml/ui_component/category_form.xml


    category_from.xml : file name should be same, because we add a field in existing form. category_form is already defined in magento/catalog to display form.

    <fieldset name=’general’> : is the name of group in which you want to display your field.

    <field name=’category_test_field’> : is the attribute code to set/get the values of attribute.

    sortorder : is the number in which position you want your field in the form.

    datatype : is the type of data in which it stores the data.

    formelement : which type of form element you want to display for your attribute. for example: input, select, checkbox, etc.

    label : label of the attribute.

    default : default value to display.

    After this your field is displayed on the category form.

    Thank you.

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  • Ragubathi U
    Thanks for the post.I have problem with saving the custom field added by above code.Do I wanna create attribute in Stores->Product Attributes?
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