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Add Custom Row Action In Admin Controller Prestashop

Updated 29 June 2017

When we create any admin controller in prestashop there we can have three only defined row action “View“, “Edit” and “Delete“. These row action can easily be create if we write $this->addRowAction(‘view’), $this->addRowAction(‘edit’), $this->addRowAction(‘delete’) because for this prestashop has already code for us. But what If you need to add some row action then ???

Here we will learn how we can add custom row action which is not defined by the prestashop.

Step : 1) Add customer row action like – $this->addRowAction(‘information’); . Here i’m trying to list information action in drop down in action column.

Step : 2) Now use a function

public function displayInformationLink()


In this function, you can use anything. Anything means to return any tpl file or you can perform PHP as well. This function may contain argument as well.

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public function displayInformationLink($token = null, $id, $name = null)
  // $token will contain token variable
  // $id will hold id_identifier value
  // $name will hold display name

Let me explain how this function work when we create custom row action in admin controller.

Whatever the row action you want to create just define it in $this->addRowAction(‘Your Desire Action name’);

Now call the function “displayActionNameLink()” this function has a prefix is display and suffix is link. Middle name contain you action name as we have used information. So function become

public function displayInformationLink() { }

Checkout the screenshot below. Before creating custom row action

Custom Row Action
After adding the custom row action –

Custom Row Action

Example code –

public function renderList()
public function displayInformationLink()
    return $this->context->smarty->fetch(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.'yourmodulename/views/templates/hook/information.tpl');

If there are something not understandable by this post then do comment below. We will surely assist on that.


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