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    7 Psychological Triggers to Boost Conversions

    Updated 21 December 2023

    Do you also believe that Sales is Only a Number Game? Make sure, it’s not! Hitting the sales number is of no use if you do not understand selling psychology.

    Once a new visitor comes onto your store, the likelihood of getting them converted into customers is very less, if your selling strategy is not smart enough.

    That is why every retailer requires some psychological tricks to influence potential customers & uplift the business growth.

    In short, you need to trigger your visitors to say YES to the products you are selling on your store.

    Through this article, explore 7 psychological triggers you need to build into your store to boost conversion & watch the sales roll in.

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    1. Pricing Strategy

    Make Use of Anchor Prices

    Prices Anchoring: A way to optimize the pricing strategy on your eCommerce store!

    Let’s understand the Concept of Anchor Price:-
    It’s a matter of fact that customers mainly rely on the first set of information provided to them just before making the purchase. Considering this, you can set a discounted price for a product at $100 USD $̶2̶0̶0̶. Here the $200 is the price anchor for the $100 sales price.

    The customer will see the discounted price & soon will be ready to make a purchase.

    Boost Conversions

    As people love comparing products, the anchor price helps them to do that & enable them to value your product for purchase. That is how anchor price increases sales.

    The effect of price anchoring is widely recognized by visitors while browsing products online.

    In Shopify, the concept of “Compare at Price” works for the merchants to display sales prices on the products they are selling. Merchants can set “Compare at price” that must be higher than the price value to show a sale price. This will entice visitors to try your brand.

    2. Influencer Marketing

    What this Influencer Marketing is all about?

    The concept of Influencer marketing is trending these days. It is mainly a type of social media marketing where some famous social media influencers are approached to endorse your brand & products over social media!
    As these influencers do have some decent number of fan following, the probability of your brand acceptance is quite high.

    Other than Instagram, one of the most famous social media service, there are many other networks like YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok that have their own set of influencers.

    Not just social media influencers, even famous celebrities & sports-person are approached to endorse famous brands worldwide.

    One Example:-
    Cristiano Ronaldo ranks 3rd on the highest-paid Instagram influencer list, earning $750,000 for each sponsored post and influence his 200 Million Instagram followers to try the brand.


    3. Play Smart with Colors on Your Website

    Neil Patel has well-justified the fact that shopping is the art of persuasion in one of his POSTS.

    As per the recent case study, choosing a smart color scheme can increase conversion by 24%. This proves that Color Psychology plays a vital role in influencing customer’s decisions while purchasing products online.

    Your store conversion also depends on the fact that how smart you play with the colors on your store as it will somehow affect your brand value & also impact the new visitors to make a try.

    Thus, it’s another way to drag the customer’s attention by picking up a smart color scheme for an online website.

    A tea offering company like Chaayos uses a green color as its brand speaks about health, growth, and freshness.


    That is how the color psychology impacts the conversion rates of your website & it’s the first impression a visitor will have.
    One Suggestion:- Be specific with the colors that speak your brand identity!

    4. Make “Out of Stock” Announcements

    It’s always profitable to clearly mark that the item you were looking for is “Out of Stock”. Customers feel frustrating when they get to know about the 0 product stock lately on the checkout page. Thus, one simple announcement can make up their mind that currently, their favorite item is not in stock but will soon get notified once the products come back in stock.

    Better Market Your Most-demanding Products with PreOrder Strategies!

    preorder product-Boost Conversions

    Setting up PreOrders for products ensure the customers that the product is in the development phase & will be soon releasing…!!!

    Allow PreOrder for Your Shopify Store Products

    5. Upsell Products right before Checkout

    “Upselling products” is a proven technique to uplift the average order value of an online store!

    The concept of cross-selling, upselling & bundling products exceedingly helps the big eCommerce giants like Amazon to boost conversion.

    Being an online retailer, you can also include this tactic using any of the eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, etc. Make sure to include the upsell on the store page where you are achieving the highest conversion whether it’s the checkout page or the product page.

    The upselling technique is quite convincing to let customers purchase a better & more expensive version of the products that are already added to their carts.

    One Suggestion:- To Include the upsell on your store, make sure to hire a developer you trust the most as it’s very crucial to make it the right fit with the rest of your website designs!

    Check the Article to know more about Cross-Selling, Up-Selling & Related products

    Related Products-Boost Conversions

    6. Award with Free Gifts

    Make the best use of the word “FREE”

    Offering FREE gifts to customers is a valuable technique to gain customer’s loyalty! Thus, You can motivate customers to come back more often to purchase products from your online store.

    If you run a Shopify store, you can have the Gift on Order app to create gift products in your store. Moreover, let customers avail FREE gift products based on the gift rules created by you.

    Free Gifts

    Thus, surprising Your customers with FREE Gift Products & boost conversion!

    7. Include Social Link on the Product Page

    Encouraging buyers to market your brand is the must-needed strategy to grow an online business. Social Media Links do this job for You!

    Yes, adding social media links to your store influence buyers to explore more about the brand you are offering online. Ultimately, encourage them to share your products with family & friends. This will not only boost conversion but also increases your brand value.

    All the Top Selling Brands include the Social Media Links mainly on the footer of their website.

    social media links
    Reference:- Myntra

    Wrapping Up

    Till now, You might have discovered that this is all about the inner game of selling. There are tons of eCommerce website opening & closing every single day. So, better unlock your selling potential & implement the above explained 7 tactics to trigger your customers. Moreover, influence them to try your brand.
    These proven tactics will definitely help you to boost conversion of your website as well as help you to strengthen your brand value.

    Don’t have an online store? Create One with Shopify!

    Hope You find this helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below. We welcome all your suggestions.
    Thanks for reading!

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