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6 Top Odoo Apps to Run Your Entire Business

Updated 22 January 2024

Running business consists of several aspects for its flawless functioning. Hence, for quick actions and error-free tasks, you require software so that you can manage the workflow of your business model easily. 

Odoo has almost everything a business needs for proper functioning; it’s an ERP system to manage resources of your organization; eCommerce to sell products online; accounting to manage cash flow, inventory to manage stock, POS for your offline store.

Odoo is highly customizable’ hence, it offers your option to enhance your Odoo as you want. Moreover, there are several third-party Odoo Apps available to deliver the demands of your business. 

6 Top Odoo Apps to Run Your Entire Business

Webkul: A team of Odoo Experts

Webkul has been providing odoo development, Consultation, and Odoo implementation services for 13 years(When Odoo was OpenERP). All the way from pioneering the Odoo marketplace in the market to developing a SaaS solution for our customers, we have come a long way now. 

With more than 850+ ready-to-deploy Odoo Apps; including a dedicated Mobile app development services, Odoo Multi-Channel connectors with more than 10 different popular e-commerce platforms, and our extensive customization services, we have been able to contribute to the growth of over 1500 businesses worldwide.

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Webkul has developed several Odoo Apps which offer a complete business solution to clients. This means you can run your entire business idea on the basis of a single Odoo Module.

6 Top Odoo Apps to Run Your Entire Business

Odoo Saas Kit

Odoo Saas Kit: Odoo Apps

Now, Get a Complete Package for All your Saas Requirements!

Earn and Grow because Saas is the future. With a predicted growth of 9% CAGR, Saas business model is an interesting prospect to dive into. But Saas is also one of the most complex business models. However, the Odoo Saas Kit Module allows you to Create, Manage and Provide Odoo Saas instances to your customers via a streamlined subscription-based model.

From Saas subscription management to Saas delivery to client handling and invoicing the module delivers seamless integration of all the services. So you can start your own Odoo Saas Distribution Business right away.

Odoo Saas Kit | All in One is a complete package that includes Trial, Backup, Custom Plans & Domain Masking.

How Odoo Saas Kit Can Help Your Business?

Odoo Saas Kit offers the Ready-To-Use Structure for your business to Start your Own Odoo SaaS Services for your Clients.

-Effortlessly Install Odoo SaaS Distribution Architecture to your Odoo Server.

-Provide Odoo as a Service(SaaS) via instances on your servers with Odoo SaaS Kit.

-Odoo SaaS Kit is what you need if you are looking to run your own Odoo SaaS Services for your customers.

Sell Odoo SaaS as a subscription service to the customers directly from the Odoo Website.

-Create subscription plans comprising Odoo Apps bundles. Publish them on the website as Odoo SaaS subscription Products.

-Once a customer purchases a plan, he/she gets exclusive access to an instance of Odoo as SaaS. The modules mentioned in the plan are installed in this instance.

Also, Read Odoo Saas Kit User Manual to know how to set up the module. If you have any technical doubts regarding the module then you can visit Odoo SAAS Kit Technical FAQs.

Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking

Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking: Odoo Apps

 Whether you are running cab services or moving freight; the most crucial part is tracking the vehicles as you have the responsibility of the people in the cabs and goods in the freight. 

Traccar is the best solution for tracking your fleet efficiently. Now, you can integrate your Odoo with traccar for better tracking management of the vehicles. 

Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking facilitates you to audit the movements of the vehicles; moreover, you can also check the travel history for a particular custom time period. 

Moreover, the module also allows you to track the movement of the vehicles anytime. Hence, you know the current situation of your vehicle which means whether the vehicle is running or not.

Check All your Online Vehicles Easily!

Checking whether your drivers are online or offline can help you to know everything that is going on the rides. Hence, whenever a driver is on a ride then the status should be online.

The module helps you to differentiate the status of vehicles by their color; green color means that vehicle is online and red color means that vehicle is offline.

Moreover, you can also check whether the driver is moving from his/her location or not.

Also, read the User Manual of Odoo Fleet Traccar Tracking to know how to set up the module.

Odoo Dealership Management

Odoo Dealership Management: Odoo Apps

Dealership Management is a perfect way to expand your brand smartly!

A business is built with innovative ideas along with hard work; however, to expand your business you need to think of an extraordinary way. Making your products or services available worldwide is an option for business expansion. Opening a showroom or service center all around the world can cost you a lot; moreover, it is not a practical decision for the beginners of the market.

So, introducing the concept of Dealership to you!

Benefits of The Dealership Concept:

  • Expanding brand in all over the world
  • Increases the Sale of your brand
  • Comparatively Less Investment
  • Scalability

Odoo Dealership Management allows you to manage dealerships and the related contracts from start to end of the process. It is used to manage each step perfectly so that you don’t need to face any type of hassles. 

The module makes dealership management easy for you; from registering dealers to e-commerce for your customers who can find dealers in their region or the nearest location. Hence, there is nothing wrong in saying that dealership management is simplified in Odoo.

Also, read the User Manual of Odoo Dealership Management to know how to set up the module.

Odoo Parking Management

Odoo Parking Management: Odoo Apps

These days people have a really busy schedule; hence, they make sure to make the best use of the time. Traveling via public transportation takes a lot of time and makes the day more tiring. Hence, people prefer to travel via their own vehicles.

Though commuting via own vehicle may save time; however, stress to safely park the vehicle is one of the major concerns of people. Here comes the role of an efficient Parking Management System for the ease of people.

The reasons mentioned above make the parking management business a potentially profitable market. So, if you are planning to run a parking management business then you can do it with Odoo.

Odoo Parking Management is your one-stop solution to seamlessly track your Parking lot and maximize the space efficiency. The module is made to be efficiently used with every parking type. 

The simple flow design allows you to manage marked parking spaces as well as open parking spaces in Odoo. You can also use it for multi-level parking, creating zones on each floor and slots in each zone to micromanage the space area. Use Odoo parking Dashboard to quickly navigate between different floors/levels, zones, or slots.

Set Odoo Parking Prices with Flexible Pricing Structure

Highly Flexible pricing Structure in Odoo parking Manager to fix pricing for spaces. Facilitates Multi-Pricing Options using various Elements like Zones, floors, Time, etc.

Suitable For Multiple Parking Types

The highly customizable Design makes Odoo parking Management suitable for multiple parking Types. The parking types are mentioned below:

  • Marked Spaces
  • Open Parking Spaces
  • Valet Parking
  • Multi Floor Parking
  • Multi-Vehicle Parking Spaces

Also, read the User Manual of Odoo Parking Management to know how to set up the module.

Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping

Odoo Aliexpress Dropshipping

With the increased number of people opting for online stores to buy the products; running an online store is a great idea. 

The best part of selling things online is that your products can reach a large number of people worldwide. 

Worried about the expenses of selling products worldwide? 

To start a business or take a new road for your business; it is necessary to study all the necessary aspects. 

If you want to take your online store business worldwide but want to spend less then Dropshipping is the best to start with.

Basically, in the dropshipping model; you run your online store where you can sell the products of other vendors. Moreover, it is not your responsibility to deliver the product to the customer. 

Odoo by default offers dropshipping features to the users; visit the blog to know how dropshipping works in Odoo.

Now accept dropship orders for AliExpress in Odoo!

Odoo AliExpress Dropshipping module facilitates you to accept dropshipping orders for Aliexpress in Odoo.

You can import Aliexpress products to Odoo using the chrome extension and add them to the Odoo website. Once the customer places an order for AliExpress product on the Odoo website, you can forward the order to AliExpress.

The order will be then fulfilled by AliExpress. The price of the imported products can also be changed before adding it to Odoo such as to include commission or extra price.

Read the user guide for Odoo AliExpress Dropshipping to know the workflow.

Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace: Odoo Apps

E-retail revenues are projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022.

There are many vendors who wish to sell their products but hesitate to run websites. You can play your business card here; by owning a marketplace.

Just like e-commerce, people can buy products or avail services from a marketplace. The difference between e-commerce and marketplace is that multiple vendors can sell their products in a marketplace; whereas, in e-commerce, the owner is the only seller.

Webkul helps you to build a Marketplace in Odoo; you can enhance it more with the top most Odoo Marketplace Extensions.

Odoo multi-vendor marketplace allows you to set up your own marketplace, where multiple vendors can sign up and register themselves to sell their products on your website. 

The module allows you to connect with multiple vendors so that they can sell their products on your Online Store. Your business model can attract “Brick-Mortar sellers” to sign in for your Odoo Marketplace. As it gives an opportunity for them to place their markable impression to a wide audience.

This module is easy to configure, where the admin can set restrictions on vendors for their product listing. Vendors have their own shop page sharing their profile and products on one page, this page allows them to differentiate products from different vendors. 

Send mail notification on new vendor requests, vendor request approval, product approval, new order notification, such email notifications don’t let anything go unnoticed.

Read the user guide for Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace to know the workflow.


The above-listed Odoo Apps are developed by Webkul which can help you to run your entire business. If you are looking for any of these Odoo Apps to run your entire business then you are good to go; moreover, you can enhance the features of these vertical solutions with other Odoo Extensions. 

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