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5 Modules to Generate Reports In Odoo (Pdf, XLS & CSV)

Updated 18 February 2020

How to Effortlessly generate reports in Odoo and print them?

‘Reports – They Elucidate, Emphasize and Enlighten…’

A report is a structured representation of points that are parsed and organized from the Omnium Gatherum of irregular data in a business.

Running a business without studying reports, is like trying to go uphill in a blindfold. You have more chances of walking off an edge than that of successfully climbing to the top.

It makes you vulnerable to not knowing the exact direction in which your business is going. Consequently, you would not have a plan in which direction to direct your efforts.

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Scrupulously studying the reports and analytical data of your store is pertinent to ensure growth and progress.

Different Kinds Of Reports That Your Business Needs

Before listing the modules that help you to generate reports in Odoo, let us take look at some common reports used in business.

1.) Annual Reports

An Annual Report is a financial summary of the company’s Fiscal year.

Financial reports include a balance sheet, income and cash flow statement, and others.

It gives a clear idea about the company’s current financial position and can also help in adumbrating the roadmap for adopting growth tactics for the future.

2.) Sales report

A Sales analysis report provides the consolidated data points of the company’s sales volume over the desired time. It can be analyzed weekly, monthly or annually based on the requirements. 

Colloquially, a sales report shows the trend of sales in a business. It outlines whether the sales have increased or decreased in a particular time period. 

They provide important insights about the current situation so the best course of action can be plotted at the earliest to improve the profits.

3.) Inventory Report

An inventory report is a summary of stock or items belonging to a business, industry, or organization. 

It illuminates the current stock and supply of various products in a company. The stock can be finished goods for sales or raw materials to be used for secondary processes in the industry.  

The inventory reports also help in forecasting when to place procurement orders, optimum quantity to be held in the stock to minimize maintenance, etc.

4.) Product Performance reports

The Product Performance Report is a hybrid between a sales report and an inventory on-hand report.

It allows you to compare your inventory data for a product with sales data such as items sold per month, the procurement cost of goods and revenue.

These reports help optimize procurement cycles as per the current sales trends to maximize inventory use.

5.) Procurement Reports

A procurement report allows an organization to demonstrate how its procurement activities deliver value for money, contribute to the realization of its broader goals and objectives, and provide a panoramic snapshot of the effectiveness of its procurement strategy.

6.) Timesheets Report

Timesheets reports document the employees’ work-time in an organization. It allows the employees to manage their time-outs, and work schedule.

It allows point out how much time is spent on each task allowing you to make smart decisions to increase the efficiency of your workforce.

Odoo Modules To Generate Reports In Odoo

Now, over to the module list which you can use to quickly generate reports in Odoo.

1.) Odoo Financial Reports by Analytic Accounts

Technical name: Account_analytic_reports
Prints Format: PDF

Financial statements (or financial reports) are formal records of the financial activities and position of a business, person, or other entity.

The objective of financial statements is to provide information about the financial position, performance, and changes in the financial position of an enterprise.

Two types of financial reports can be printed in Odoo with the module:

  • Profit & Loss report
  • Balance Sheet report 

The user can select the customer accounts he/she wishes to print the report for and Pdfs are saved to the user’s device.

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2.) Odoo Accounting Web Report

Technical Name: Account_web_report
Prints Format: Pdf

If you frequently add new entries to your reports then, taking a PDF to check every new entry is a cumbersome and banal task not to say tedious.

The module provides an easy solution. You can generate and view the report on your system before printing it.

To check new entries, just refresh the particular generated report and the entries would be updated. You can now take the download it Pdf form.

You can create the following types of reports in Odoo with the module:

  • Sale/Purchase Journal report.
  • General Ledger report.
  • Partner Ledger report.
  • Trial Balance report.
  • Balance Sheet report.
  • Profit & Loss report.

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3.) Odoo Project Timesheet Reports

Technical Name: Project_timesheet_reports
Print Format: Pdf Format

Track the development of any project in Odoo.

You can download the report for the timesheets for a project as a whole or for individual tasks in a task.

The report display the project name and the time slots when work was done on that particular task. It also details the time spent on each task in a given project.

  • Print detailed timesheet report of the project.
  • Print detailed timesheet report of the task.

For more details about the module, Click Here

4.) Odoo Accounting Excel Reports

Technical Name: Account_excel_reports
Print Format: Xls and CSV

The module is particularly useful if you are looking to export the reports in Xls in Odoo.

This makes the reports editable for the user to make any necessary changes and easily extract any needed data.

Create following reports using this module:

  • Sale/Purchase Journal report
  • Profit & Loss report.
  • General Ledger report
  • Print Partner Ledger report.
  • Trial Balance report
  • Balance Sheet report 

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5.) Print Odoo Reports via Zebra Printer

Technical Name: Wk_odoo_directly_print_reports
Print Format: Pdf

Once you have generated the report in Odoo, irrespective of its nature, the next step is to take print outs so it can be provided to the intended eyes (when required) for analysis and study.

But default Odoo only allows the physically attached printer to print out the reports.

This is where this module comes in handy. You can use a network printer to print the reports. It uses the QZ tray client to send the print command to the printer.

A quick way to print reports in Odoo.

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