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Laravel Development

Laravel is an open source PHP development framework. It is the most popular PHP open source project in the world.

Like Symfony, Laravel is also built on component-based system and composer driven approach.

Laravel is suitable for both monolithic and micro-services apps (Lumen). Laravel is highly suitable for any kind of business application from E-commerce to CRM software, from CMS to SAAS based apps. Laravel provides loads of packages inbuilt in the core, which make development lighting fast and easy to scale.

Benefits & Advantages of Laravel

When to use Laravel?

Usage of Laravel is enormous. Laravel is a complete framework also includes loads of components.

Laravel development is easy and fast as well.

Building any business application like any B2B Project or SAAS based App or Business applications like CRM are always easy to build on Laravel.

What Webkul is offering?

Webkul has a very solid experience in Laravel development. We have released the world’s first Enterprise E-commerce based on Laravel “Bagisto” which is built on multi-source stock inventory concept.

Here are the following services includes for Laravel development

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