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WooCommerce v3.6: Brings Major Enhancement in Your Online Store

Updated 22 April 2019

WooCommerce! indeed a foremost WordPress plugin yet the best e-commerce platform which has the potential to make your online business to the next level. So, WooCommerce version 3.6 has come with lots of improvements, new additions and make people amazed by giving immense power features.

We’ll have our major focus on the most essential yet exciting features, performance upgrade. Let’s dive directly in:

Introducing Marketplace Suggestions

The biggest feature for all of those who are planning or going to set up their own online store. At some point, we all may want some guidance when it comes to choosing extensions which help your online store to grow. Especially when you are new and want a successful online store.

Woocommerce v3.6 comes with marketplace suggestion which makes it easy to find the right extension that would be beneficial for your site. The new version gives you suggestions of extensions to a specific place or page wherever you want. As we know there are 400 extensions available in Marketplace, so it might be difficult to choose which essential for your store. So, just think if you get the right consideration, then it’s great for us.

Now, Whenever we modify product page or edit product meta box we can see some relevant suggestion that can work well for us. But we can only see once we have the authority to add plugins.

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WooCommerce allows managing suggestions, for instance, if we don’t want to see it, we can simply dismiss it. On the other hand, we can permanently disable marketplace suggestion to show them all those suggestions just by going to WooCommerce settings in the WP admin panel.



The Better Store Performance: Performance Improvement & WooCommerce Product Block.

As we know, the reason behind the successful online store is undoubtedly a better user experience. In terms of continuing the store’s performance, WooCommerce v3.6 comes with the two major feature going to help your store to load even faster.

One of the major focus of WooCommerce update will be on Performance improvement and WooCommerce Product Block.

WooCommerce Product Block​ introduces eight new blocks to choose from, which enable you to add products on any posts or pages. Now, It’s becoming easier to make a rich yet intuitive landing page using these blocks.

With the 8 new blocks, you can choose either product by category, bestselling, newest, on sale, top rated, feature product or product by attribute. One more great thing is you can see the preview just before click on publish button.


Let’s talk about​ Performance Improvement​ . Along with the new products block, Version 3.6 also focused on the performance on both front and back end which is built upon a new Product Data Lookup Table in terms of providing the best user experience to the customer. It ensures that your customers will not see any interruption while filtering and sorting products on shop pages.

Additional Updates

Moreover, to the new Product Blocks and Performance Improvements, there are other remarkable enhancements made in 3.6  like now, we can increase/decrease stock options with the bulk edit, improvements made in accessibility on the shop order-by selector, easier searching for variations, if we are updating items manually from the orders, the respective product stock will be updated to reflect the event.

WooCommerce provides an option to add a note to order if customer notes contain specific URLs info related to the order will automatically convert to clickable links. Now we will be able to see registration success notices on account pages.


With the release of version 3.6, WooCommerce brings better user experience for your online store which further helps your store to grow and boost conversion.

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