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WordPress WooCommerce Store Pickup Locator

Updated 4 December 2023

WordPress WooCommerce Store Pickup Locator allows the admin to create different stores and allocates products and their quantity to them. The admin can add different physical stores along with the store address, zip code, store contact, etc. After adding the stores, the admin can add any product (newly added or previously available) to any of the stores. The customer can search for stores using city name or zip code and all the nearby stores will be shown.

Note: You must have the Google API Key to make use of this extension. To generate one for you click here.


Dear Customers, if you have a question/query, please raise a ticket at We will do our best to answer as quick as it is possible. Don’t give us a low rate without contacting support on the issue you’ve faced with. We are always happy to help you.


  • The admin can add their physical stores.
  • The admin can enable, disable, edit, and delete any of its stores.
  • Product assignment is simple to their physical store.
  • The admin can allow Store Pickup for their products.
  • It supports Home delivery of products as well.
  • The admin can set the quantity/availability for the products.
  • A customer can search for stores using zip codes or location name.
  • Searched store results are visible on Google Maps to the customer.
  • A customer can check for product availability in any store.
  • Customers can get directions on Google Maps for reaching to the store.
  • It is compatible with 2.3 version and the Update Product version is 2.2.1


The user will get a zip file which he has to upload in the “Add New” menu option in the WordPress admin panel. For this login to WordPress Admin Panel and Under the Dashboard hover your mouse over the “Plugins” menu option which brings out a Sub-Menu and then select the “Add New” option.

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After this, you will see an option on the top of your page that is “Upload Plugin”, click the option to upload the zip file.

WordPress WooCommerce Store Pickup

By clicking on the “Upload Plugin” option, below that you will see a button “Choose File” click on the button to browse for the zip file as per the snapshot below.

WordPress WooCommerce Store Pickup

After browsing the file, click the “Install Now” button to install the plugin as per the snapshot.

WordPress WooCommerce Store Pickup

Now when the plugin is installed correctly, you will see the success message and an option to activate the plugin. Click on “Activate Plugin” to activate the installed plugin.

WordPress WooCommerce Store Pickup

Admin Management

After successful installation of the WordPress WooCommerce Store Pickup Locator, the admin will configure the Google API Key by navigating to the Webkul WC Addons -> Store Pickup -> Configuration as shown below.


This Google API will automatically fetch the longitude and latitude details while configuring the store address. After this, the admin will set the Radius unit in kilometres or miles.

Manage Holidays

The admin can manage on which day there will be a holiday. Holiday name, Holiday type, from till to date and status all these information are mentioned. To add a new holiday the admin can click on the add new button.


By clicking on add new, the below snapshot will appear, here enter the details of the holiday.


Enable Holiday:  Enable or disable the holiday.

Holiday Name: Enter the holiday name as required.

Date Type: Select the holiday type as single or multiple days.

After mentioning the dates click on save holiday option.

Store Orders

Here the store orders list is mentioned. Admin can check the Product name, store name, address, and status of the order and can also view the details by clicking on the view option.


After clicking on view, check the details of the order like billing and shipping address. Select the order action and update the same.


From here only the admin can make a refund for the order by clicking on the refund option. Choose the custom field or add a new custom field by selecting the required options as mentioned in the snapshot below:


Manage Stores

Manage the store from here by checking the title, logo, latitude, longitude, and status or assign the products.


By clicking on view the admin can view the store that how it is looking at the storefront.


In the same way, clicking on edit or delete the admin can edit the store or delete the same accordingly.

Now the admin can add a store by clicking on the add new option and providing the required details as mentioned below in the snapshot:

Store-Pickup-‹-WooCommerce-Store-Pickup-—-WordPress-1Title – Title of the store.

Description – A short description of the store.

Contact Phone – Phone no. of the contact.

Logo – Logo of the store.

Banner – The banner of the store

Street Address – Street address of the store.

Latitude – Latitude of the store (auto-filled with the help of the location hint).

Longitude – Longitude of the store (auto-filled with the help of location hint).

City – City of the store.

State/Province – State of the store.

Zip/Postal Code – Zip code of the store.

Country – Country of the store.

Store Holidays – Select store holidays from the dropdown box.

Urgent Closed – Enable or Disable the urgent closed option.

Store Open – Select the store open date and time.

Status – Choose the status as enable or disable.

The admin can assign products to the store by clicking the “Assign Products”. 


It will redirect to another page where the admin just needs to select the product from the available list and enter the quantity of the product.


Front-end Management

On the front end of the store, the user can search a store under the store.


By clicking on the Visit Store option the user can see the store on Google Maps.


The user can even get the directions as well from the provided address.


By selecting a store, the customer can pickup products as well after the purchase.

After selection of a store, if a product is not available in stock in the selected store then the customer will be notified on the cart page through an error message.


The customer can look for the availability of the product in other stores as well by clicking “Check Other Stores”.


Now the selection of store will be updated. And, Store Pickup and Home Delivery options will also be visible which the customer can select as per the choice.


If the customer wants to remove the store and place order using home delivery then he can remove the store by clicking the “Remove Stores”. 


Note: Home Delivery option will also work even when the store is removed. But the Store Pickup option will not work when the store is not selected.

That’s all for the WordPress WooCommerce Store Pickup Locator Plugin, still have any issue, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

Current Product Version - 2.1.0

Supported Framework Version - WooCommerce version : 8.3.1, WordPress : 6.4.1

Blog Version - WooCommerce version : 8.3.1, WordPress : 6.4.1
  • Version WooCommerce version : 8.3.1, WordPress : 6.4.1
  • Version WooCommerce version : 6.5.1, WordPress : 5.9.3
  • Version WooCommerce 3.0.x, WooCommerce 3.1.x
. . .

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