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    WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin

    The WooCommerce Multi-Company SaaS plugin allows the tenants/merchants to register and create their own store with their domain. 

    The store owners can offer tenants different membership plans. Therefore, merchants can purchase these memberships based on their requirements. 

    Moreover, this eliminates the need for the installation of additional software by the tenants/merchants. Hence, your customers can create their own online personalized shop in few minutes.

    Check a brief overview of the plugin –

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    • Tenants have the option of creating a custom storage sub-domain for their online store.

    • It’s simple to sign up as a tenant and start earning money.

    • A separate tenant dashboard is available for managing sales, goods, and customers.

    • Tenant account payments can be made using the membership system.

    • Create a variety of membership programs for renters based on their business requirements For tenants, a personalized online business name.
    • The tenant/merchant can apply a theme of their choice to personalize the layout of their shop.
    • The tenant can add products and provide shipping on their storefront.

    MultiSite Setup Installation

    To use the WooCommerce Multi-Company SaaS Plugin the admin needs to install and activate the WordPress MultiSite Setup

    Read the blog to check how you can install and set up a WordPress Sub-Domain based multisite to build a network of websites. 


    WooCommerce SaaS Plugin Installation 

    The user (Primary/Super Admin) can easily install the plugin after purchasing it. The user will get a zip file to upload in the add new plugins menu option in the WordPress admin panel.

    Meanwhile, the user will navigate through the “Plugins >Add New” and click the “Add New” menu option as per the snapshot below.


    After this, you will see an option on the top of your page that says “Upload Plugin”, click the option to upload the zip file.


    By clicking on the “Upload Plugin” option, the user will now click on “Choose File” click on the button to browse for the zip file as per the snapshot below.


    After browsing the file, click the “Install Now” button to install the plugin as per the snapshot.


    Activate WooCommerce SaaS Plugin

    Now when the plugin is installed correctly, the user (Super/primary Admin) will see the success message and an option to activate the plugin. Hit “Activate Plugin” to activate the plugin.


    That is all for the installation part of the WooCommerce Multi-Company SaaS Plugin.

    Admin Configuration – WooCommerce Multi-Company SaaS 

    To configure the module firstly, go to the Merchant SaaS > Merchants. 

    Here, the admin can check all the tenants/merchants who have registered to create their own store.

    The store owners can delete these registered customers in bulk as well.


    Manage Merchants in WooCommrce SaaS

    Firstly, go to the Merchant SaaS > Membership. 

    The admin may check information about the registered merchants on their platform for this simply click the Manage button below a customer name.

    General Section – Admin End

    Here, the admin can check the Merchant name, Email, Visit Site link, language code, Registered Date and Site Status.


    Membership Information Section

    Here, the admin may check details of the membership of a tenant like their purchased Membership Plan, Membership Amount, Subscription period, Status, Start – End Date.


    Merchant Transaction Details

    The Merchant transaction below includes only the current membership active plan transactions only.


    Membership Plans for Merchants

    All the created membership plans are visible in this section. The admin can enable, disable or delete any of the membership plans based on their need.


    Add Membership Plans For Merchants

    Further, the admin may add as many as membership plans they want by clicking the button Add Membership.

    Afterwhich, the below page will open, here the admin needs to give input for the below fields.


    Membership Status: The admin can enable or disable a membership plan from here.

    Membership Name: The admin needs to enter a name for the membership.

    The Membership Code: To help identify the membership plan the admin can add any code for a membership.

    Membership Time Period: The admin can select the membership time period from here.

    Please Note: Currently, only two time period options are available that is monthly and yearly.

    Fee Amount: Further, the admin needs to give a fee amount required for the membership purchase.

    Membership Color: The admin may choose any colour that will be visible on the front end for the respective membership plan. 

    Membership Image: The admin can customize the membership plan front end view by adding an image from here.

    Lastly, the admin needs to click the button Save Changes. Moreover, the admin needs to follow the same steps to Edit a membership plan as well.

    Allowed Payment Method Setup – Configuration

    The admin needs to add the payment methods using which the merchant/tenants can purchase their membership plans.

    Firstly, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments and enable the respective payment method.


    Further, the admin needs to enable the payment method and add their PayPal account end information and then click Save.


    Moreover, the merchants can use only the payment methods that are allowed by the admin to configure this the admin can go to Merchant SaaS > Configuration.

    Here, as you may check the allowed payment method is listed i.e the PayPal. Next, the admin can click the button Save Changes.


    Merchant/Tenants Store Registration – WooCommerce SaaS

    The customers can register themselves to open their own store by following the below 3 step process.

    Step 1

    The customers need to enter their basic details here such as Name and Phone number and click Continue.


    Step 2

    Further, the customer needs to add their required User Name and Email and press Continue.


    Step 3

    Lastly, the admin needs to add the Store Domain, Store Title, and select the Store Language and click Continue.

    Note: Site names can only contain lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers.


    The customer is sent with a username and password right after this on their registered email address.


    Further, the merchant can click on the link provided in the registered email and can log in using the provided username and password as shown below.


    As of now if the registered merchant checks the Active plans he or she will get the below message.


    Merchant – Check & Purchase Membership Plans

    The customers can also check all the available membership plans that are active and can purchase from those by clicking the Purchase button.


    Further, the merchant will be redirected to the shopping cart page here click Proceed to checkout.


    The merchant can use the available payment as provided by the admin here PayPal.


    Further, the customer will be redirected to the PayPal payment gateway to complete the membership purchase.


    Next, the customer needs to click the Continue button.


    The merchant will receive an order mail regarding the order received.


    Right after, this the admin needs to approve the merchant order from the admin panel.


    Please Note – The membership plan will be renewed on its own using PayPal recurring payment method if the merchant allows it.

    Once the admin approves the membership plan purchase the merchant will receive a mail regarding the order completion.


    Merchant Dashboard – Active Plans

    The customers may check their purchased active plan from their dashboard by clicking the Active Plans menu button.


    Admin Approval For Merchant Create Store

    Right after this, the admin needs to go to the Merchant SaaS > Merchants. Click on the Manage button under any newly registered customer.

    Further, the below page will open the admin can click the Create Store button to approve the merchant/tenant for creating their own shop.


    Once, the admin approves the membership order and click create store the merchant/tenant will receive a mail as shown below. 


    As the customer/merchant will open their site link from here below is the sample image of how the storefront would appear.

    Moreover, the customer will log in using the provided username & password.


    Merchant Store Appearance & Theme Setup

    The merchant can manage the layout and appearance of their store by changing the theme of their store.

    For, this the merchant can go to the Appearance > Themes and click on activate the theme.


    Right after, this New theme is activated with a visit site link will appear.

    Also, please note all the themes installed by the admin will be visible here to the merchant for use. Here is a sample view of the merchant/tenant store.


    Add Shipping By Merchant/Tenant

    Now the merchant can also add their shipping method right from their backend for this navigate toWooCommerce > Settings > Shippings, and click Add Shipping Zones.


    After adding the Zone name and Zone Regions Further, click Add Shipping methods.


    At last, the merchant simply needs to choose the shipping method they wish to add. Moreover, only the shipping methods which support zones are listed.

    Click Add shipping method.


    That’s all for the WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket at [email protected]

    You may also browse and check our other WooCommerce plugins.

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - WordPress version: 5.8 WooCommerce version: 5.6

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