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WordPress WooCommerce Medical Prescription Attachment Plugin(Order Attachment)

Updated 14 June 2024

WordPress WooCommerce Order Attachment plugin helps customers to buy medicines from an online pharma shop by uploading a prescription for the medicines.

File attachments are useful for uploading a doctor’s prescription for buying medicines, vaccines, or other types of drug products online.

Furthermore, the admin can choose products that can be bought only after uploading a prescription and the ones that don’t need any prescription.

The admin can easily check the prescription and then approve or disapprove the prescription/order as required.

Note: the types of files supported for uploading a prescription/attachment are jpg, png, jpeg, doc, docx, and pdf.

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Note: WordPress WooCommerce Medical Prescription Attachment Plugin(Order Attachment) is now compatible with WooCommerce’s latest feature Cart and Checkout blocks

Check the plugin in action at the storefront along with the setup as in the video mentioned below –



The Admin:

  • Allow customers to buy medicine only when they have a doctor’s prescription.
  • Pending, Approved, and Rejected the Uploaded prescription attachment by the user.
  • See a complete list of orders placed for the prescription type of products.
  • Set up the prescription heading and the content that is visible to the users at the front end.
  • Enable or disable the prescription section for the products as required.
  • View the prescriptions uploaded by the customers.
  • All of the created prescription products are visible under a separate section.
  • Can set which products can be bought only after uploading a prescription and the ones that don’t require one.
  • Once a prescription is rejected, the admin can allow the customer to upload a new prescription.


  • Can easily upload their doctor’s prescription and buy medicine online.
  • Can upload the prescription even after placing the order.
  • The customer will be notified via email when the admin updates the prescription status.
  • Guest users will need to attach the prescription at the time of placing the order.

Also, this module is now compatible with WooCommerce’s new High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) feature

Module Installation –

For installing the extension, follow the points mentioned below:

1: Log in to WordPress Admin Panel and navigate through ‘Plugins-> Add New Plugin‘.


2Click on the ‘Upload Plugin‘ button on the top of your page to upload the zip file.


3: Now, tap the ‘Choose File‘ button to browse for the zip file.

Choose File

4: After selecting the zip file, tap the ‘Install Now‘ button to install the plugin.

add plugin
Install Now

5: After successful installation, a success message is visible along with an option to ‘activate‘ the plugin. Tap on ‘Activate Plugin‘ to activate the installed plugin.

Plugin Installed

Module Activation:

Check out how to activate WooCommerce plugin through the purchase code.

Module Configuration – Settings

After the successful installation of the WordPress WooCommerce Order Attachment plugin.


The admin can easily configure the module configuration settings by navigating through WooCommerce Prescription ->Settings.


Here, the admin has to set the WooCommerce Prescription Settings by enable/disable the –

  • WooCommerce Medical Prescription Attachment.
  • The medical prescription attachment for the order for customers.
  • Reupload the medical prescription attachment if it is rejected for the order for customers.
  • Adding order notes on the change of the medical prescription status for the order.
  • The email notifications that are going to be sent to admin regarding uploaded prescriptions by the customer on the order.
  • The email notifications that are going to be sent to customers regarding approval of uploaded medical prescriptions are done by the admin on the order.

Tapping the heading brings a pop-up with the description set up for fields.

  • Informing customers that they need to upload a valid prescription for making a checkout.
  • The admin can change the background color of the cart page heading.
  • The admin can change the color of the text in the cart page heading.
  • Set the display positions of the product page label on the product page, and category page.
  • Also, set the position of the prescription attachment on the cart page, checkout page, and order page.

This is how the admin set heading and prescription content gets visible to the customers within the cart.

Lastly, tap on the Save Changes button to save the set prescription setting, information, and display positions.

Orders – WooCommerce Order Attachment

Under this section, the admin will find all the prescription attached pharma products that the customers have placed the orders for.

The admin can see the details for the order which include –

Order(No. and Customer Name), Date(date when order placed), Status of the order, Prescription Status, and the total(order amount).


The order status can be the following as shown in the below screenshots.


The Prescription Status can be Pending, Approved, and Rejected as shown in the below snapshot.


Moreover, the admin can also tap on the link under the Orders column to open the details of a particular order.


If the medical prescription got rejected then the admin gets the status of the order in the order notes i.e. Prescription status is changed from Pending to Rejected as shown in screenshots.

The customer needs to Re-upload the medical prescription.


WooCommerce Prescription

Under this extension, the store owner can easily check the products that have been marked as prescription products.

Further, the admin can set up the option to enable/disable the prescription attachment for the products.


Enable/Disable – Prescription Products

To do so, select the products and then from the drop-down option choose Enable Prescription or Disable prescription as required.


Apart from that, the admin can also edit any of the products by tapping the Edit button for the respective product.


On the edit order page, where the admin can make changes as required to the prescription product for Approving/Rejecting the uploaded document.


Approve/Reject Uploaded Prescription File

To approve/Reject the uploaded prescription, the admin will navigate through WooCommerce Prescription->Orders.

After that, under the Order column tap on the order number or the customer name and this displays the order’s details.


Here, the admin can see the Prescription(s) text along with an image and below that, the option ” Select Prescription Status “.

The admin can choose to approve/reject the prescription uploaded by the customer.


After selecting the appropriate option for the prescription, the same gets reflected under the Orders section under the customer’s account panel.


However, if the prescription status is set as Rejected, then the customer can again re-upload a prescription file by tapping the Attach Prescription button.

submit for approval

Workflow – Customer

Placing an Order with File Attachment

At the pharma retail store frontend (Shop page), the customers can find all of the available medicines as products for purchase.

Shop Page with all Medicines

After tapping a product that the user wants to purchase online, the details of the same are visible to the user.

Here, the user can see a “Requires Prescription” note on the product and the same is required to be uploaded for purchasing the product.


Now, the user can select the options if any for the medicine and then add it to the cart by tapping the ‘ Add to Cart ‘ button.

Within the cart, the customer can see the 2 options for attaching the prescription –

  • Attach Later
  • Attach Now

The customer can choose to attach the prescription right now or at a later point in time.

After choosing the option to attach now, the customer needs to upload the prescription image file by tapping on the Attach Prescription button.

Supported file types for uploading a Prescription file are jpg, png, jpeg, doc, docx, and pdf.

Thereafter, the customer can see the uploaded prescription file and can also remove the file by tapping the remove button just below the uploaded document file.


Attaching the Prescription file at a later time?

To do so, the customer after placing the order needs to navigate under his account panel to the Orders section.

Here, the customer can see the Prescription Approval Status as – ” Waiting for the prescription to upload “.

Order Details Page

Now, to attach a prescription, scroll down a bit and tap the Option ” Attach Prescription“.

This uploads the prescription for the order and the Prescription Approval Status gets changed to Waiting For Approve.

Prescription Added At a Later Time

Now, after the admin has approved the customer’s uploaded order prescription from the admin backend the status gets changed from Pending to Approved.

As you can see the prescription status is changed from pending to approved in the order notes.


When the admin updates the prescription status, an email notification will be sent to the customer.


lastly, the customer can see the Prescription Approval Status changed to Approved.



Guest Checkout

The guests can add the product into the cart and can navigate to the checkout page thereafter.


And before placing the order,the guest has selected the option Attach Now without adding the attachment the customer will not be able to place order to complete the Order.

If a guest user selects the option Attach Now, then they may also upload the prescription like registered customers. 


Dear Customers, that was much for the WordPress WooCommerce Order Attachment plugin.

For any question/query, please raise a ticket at our WooCommerce Helpdesk system.

We will do our best to answer as quick as it is possible. Don’t give us a low rating without contacting support on the issue you have faced with.

We are always happy to help you out. You can also get back to us at [email protected]

Current Product Version - 1.2.2

Supported Framework Version - WordPress version : 6.5.4, WooCommerce version : 8.9.3

Blog Version - WordPress version : 6.5.4, WooCommerce version : 8.9.3
  • Version WordPress version : 6.5.4, WooCommerce version : 8.9.3
  • Version WordPress version : 6.4, WooCommerce version : 8.2
  • Version WordPress version : 6.3.1, WooCommerce version : 8.1.1
  • Version WordPress version : 6.0.1, WooCommerce version : 6.7.1
  • Version WordPress version : 5.8, WooCommerce version : 5.9
  • Version WooCommerce - 4.8.x, WordPress - 5.6.x
. . .

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