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WooCommerce Marketplace Vendor Subdomain

Updated 13 December 2023

To keep the customers intact in your store, it is important for entrepreneurs to keep looking for better options, to build an extensive marketplace.

They must strive to incorporate different ways and means to meet this motive as there are multiple options open to them. 

WooCommerce Marketplace Vendor Subdomain offers one such option.

The admin may assign a domain or subdomain to the vendors and the vendors can exhibit their products under a separate shop page that completely belongs to them.

Different URLs shall create for each seller under the vendor domain or subdomain.

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The customers can directly access the vendor’s sub-domain and buy products without having to visit the marketplace. 

Note: This extension is an add-on to Webkul’s WordPress Woocommerce Marketplace Multi-Vendor module. So, you must first install Webkul’s WordPress Woocommerce Marketplace Multi-Vendor module to make use of this extension.

Watch the video to understand the extension workflow:-



  • The admin may assign separate domain names to the vendors.
  • The customers can directly purchase products from the vendor’s panel.
  • The domain or the sub-domain may be used to display only the vendor’s products.
  • Both the admin and vendor’s products will be displayed under the vendor’s domain or the subdomain. 
  • Allows admin to add prefix with vendor’s sub-domain.
  • Wildcard feature for vendor subdomain Declared.
  • Now its compatible with HPOS.


The user will get a zip file that he has to upload in the “Add New” menu option in the WordPress Admin Panel. For this login to WordPress Admin Panel. Under the Dashboard hover your mouse over the “Plugins” menu option. This would bring out a Sub-Menu and then select the “Add New” option.Marketplace Vendor Subdomain

After this, you will see an option on the top of your page that is “Upload Plugin”. Click on the option to upload the zip file.Marketplace Vendor Subdomain

Furthermore, by clicking on the “Upload Plugin” option, you will see a button “Choose File”. Click on the button to browse for the zip file as per the snapshot below.Marketplace Vendor Subdomain

After browsing the file, click the “Install Now” button to install the plugin as per the snapshot.Marketplace Vendor Subdomain

When the plugin is installed correctly, you will see the success message and an option to activate the plugin. Click on “Activate Plugin” to activate the installed plugin.Marketplace Vendor Subdomain

Backend Management

WooCommerce Marketplace Vendor Subdomain

Enable Subdomain- The admin may set the Enable Subdomain as Enable or Disable, to enable or disable the subdomain for the seller.

Vendor subdomain Prefix- The admin may set the Vendor subdomain Prefix for the seller.

Enable Domain- The Admin may set Enable Domain as Enable or Disable and if both the domain and subdomain name are specified as enable, the priority is given to the domain name.

Note: If the Domain Name is set as Enable the Seller Domain option shall be visible under Users>All Users>Domain Redirection Settings. The domain URL has to be set by the admin for the seller.


Note – To use this module, Wildcard should be configured and mapped with your root server.

DNS Panel

WooCommerce Vendor Subdomain module allows the vendors to have their own subdomain or domain.

The module creates URLs for each vendor’s page under the vendor’s subdomain or domain.

Let’s say your website has the domain which is mapped to some IP address X.X.X.X. And this server has a Webserver running whose document root is pointed to Woocommerce files and directories.

So, if you want to allow vendors to have their own subdomain or domain that can be accessed by the customers directly for purchasing products, then follow the steps mentioned below:

Let’s presume you want to facilitate a vendor (with the keyword newseller) to use a subdomain for its products.

1. DNS panel entry:

1). Create an A entry in your DNS panel for and map it your server IP address X.X.X.X

2). Ping and check if is resolving to the mapped IP address or not.

2). Configuring Web Servers :

Once DNS entry has been done, configure your webserver to complete subdomain configuration process.

Configuring Apache Web Server:

Add entries in /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf as:

<VirtualHost *:80>


ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost

DocumentRoot /path/to/woocommerce/files


Edit above, uncomment ServerName and replace your required domain name with and add ServerAlias with *.domain name as below:

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAlias *
ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
DocumentRoot /var/www/html

Configuring Nginx Web Server:

Add entries in /etc/nginx/sites-available/default as:

server {

listen 80;

root /path/to/woocommerce/files;


index index.html index.htm index.nginx-debian.html;

## Add rest of the Nginx Configuration here ##


server {
listen 80 default_server;
listen [::]:80 default_server;

root /var/www/html;
# Add index.php to the list if you are using PHP
index index.html index.htm index.nginx-debian.html;

server_name *;


3). Now hit the URL on the browser and check if everything’s working properly or not.

Note: By clicking on this link, you can see the DNS configuration.

Frontend View

The admin configures the Seller Domain under Domain Redirection Settings.

The domain is visible on the front end, for example, here- ” “. This URL is being display on the URL tab.

Front-end view

Furthermore, the admin sets Enable Subdomain as Enable and Enable Domain as Disable from the backend.

Then only products that belong to the seller, selected by the buyer, shall display at the “SHOP” page.


Here, in the image below, the customer has selected the “Long Sleeve Tee” which belongs to the seller “Doe Shop”. 

We can see the subdomain URL. This URL belongs to “Doe Shop” which is different from the URL when the Domain name is set as Enable. 
Marketplace Vendor Subdomain

The customers may choose a particular seller’s product, for example, Michael Snow’s product wristwatch as shown in the image below.

Moreover, at the bottom of the page, one can see the subdomain URL which belongs to the vendor- Michael Snow.

for example- ” “.

Furthermore, The customer may simply hover the cursor over Seller- Mikey-Shop and view the URL at the bottom of the page.

For instance- ” “Marketplace Vendor Subdomain

Moreover, on clicking the shop URL- Mikey-shop, the Seller- Michael Snow’s separate product page shall open.

The page displays only Michael Snow’s products under the URL- “” which is visible on the URL tab. Seller-end

That’s all for the Word Press WooCommerce Marketplace Vendor Subdomain.

If you still have any issues, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views on our Webkul Support System.

Current Product Version - 2.0.0

Supported Framework Version - WordPress: 6.3.2 WooCommerce: 8.2.1 WooCommerce Marketplace: 5.3.1

Blog Version - WordPress: 6.3.2 WooCommerce: 8.2.1 WooCommerce Marketplace: 5.3.1
  • Version Wordpress: 5.8,Woocommerce: 6.0,Woocommerce Maketplace: 5.1.3
  • Version WordPress: 6.3.2 WooCommerce: 8.2.1 WooCommerce Marketplace: 5.3.1
. . .

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