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    Why Adobe Commerce Cloud is best suited for Headless eCommerce

    Headless architecture is trending now as it is considered the future of eCommerce. In this article, we will cover some points to tell Why Adobe Commerce Cloud is best suited for headless eCommerce? 

    Magento 2 is the most popular CMS for eCommerce Development. Also, it provides many features and tools which make the headless implementation much easier from developing from scratch.

    What is Headless eCommerce?


    Headless is an approach where you separate the frontend and backend of the eCommerce Website. It means that your customer experience platform ( UI & UX) is independent of your Content Management system. 

    Today, when eCommerce is moving towards the Omnichannel approach the role of headless eCommerce becomes crucial. With its use, the shop owner can provide a more flexible, speedy, and personalized experience to their customers.

    Why Adobe Commerce Cloud is best for Headless eCommerce?

    Adobe Commerce Cloud provides many tools that make the headless architecture easy for your eCommerce store. 

    PWA Studio

    Progressive Web Application ( PWA ) uses web compatibility to provide an app-like experience to the users on mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, the user does not need to download and install the app. They get the app-like experience on the mobile browser.

    PWA Mobile Browser View Home

    PWA Mobile Browser View Latest Deal


    PWA studio is a framework using which you can build a PWA app on top of your Adobe Commerce Cloud. You can also check the Headless PWA App developed by Webkul using the PWA studio.

    PWA studio provides you the option to develop the frontend in ReactJS connecting the Magento with intensive use of GraphQL APIs. In this way, you can achieve a perfect eCommerce Architecture by using PWA studio. 

    Inbuilt GraphQL APIs

    Adobe Commerce Cloud provides GraphQL APIs out of the box. With the use of GraphQL APIs, you can develop headless eCommerce easily. 

    You can create the frontend on different technologies. For example, ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, etc, and connect it with your Magento backend using GraphQL APIs. 

    In the same way, you can also, you can also use these APIs for the native mobile app development and Point of Sale(POS) development for your eCommerce store.

    Server Optimization and Maintenance

    If you are using Adobe Commerce cloud then the server will be managed by the Magento team. You do not need to set up any separate server for your Store. 

    Therefore, you do not need to worry about the performance or the maintenance of your store. The Magento team will be taking care of your server, CDNs, performance, and other related issues.

    All the above reasons make Adobe Commerce Cloud the best CMS for developing Headless eCommerce. 

    Additionally, Webkul is also continuously providing all types of development services for Adobe Commerce Cloud (ACC). For any requirements or queries please contact us

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