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WhatsApp Purchase Assistant for WooCommerce

Updated 31 May 2023


The WhatsApp Purchase Assistant for WooCommerce plugin facilitates the admin to allow the customers to order via WhatsApp Application. Moreover, this plugin integrates the WooCommerce store with the leading messaging service WhatsApp.

Now WooCommerce store owner can make the shopping process more convenient and quick for customers.

With this plugin, the admin can add the purchase on the Whatsapp button on the product list page, product view page, and cart page. Even the admin can enable the checkout via WhatsApp to let the shoppers complete the purchase with the handiest App.

Moreover, the store owner can send custom notifications to the buyers when an order initiates any event either placed or cancelled.

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Hence, purchase on the WhatsApp plugin advances the WooCommerce Store and provides a better shopping experience to your customers.

It also helps the admin to expand the sales channel and provide a user-friendly shopping tool “Purchase On WhatsApp”.

Note – Customer needs to add the WhatsApp number in the Phone Number Field for placing the order through WhatsApp.

Watch below Video & Understand the Purchase Using WhatsApp Plugin Workflow



  • The admin can enable/disable the buy on WhatsApp button.
  • The admin can label the WhatsApp icon with the required custom text.
  • Moreover, the admin can choose to hide the checkout button from the front end.
  • The Admin can enable or disable notifications to the customers for various order events.
  • The Admin can notify the customers by delivering a custom personalized text message for the orders
  • According to his needs, the admin can add the coupon functionality.
  • This module works for all types of product and guest users can purchase as well.
  • The customer can order directly from their WhatsApp account after initiating the process from the store.
  • The buyer gets a notification for orders placed and cancellation.
  • The guest users can also place the order through WhatsApp.
  • The customer can opt to pay using an offline mode of payment only.
  • Customers can also select the mode of shipping and payment options from the given alternatives.


The user will get a zip file which he has to upload in the “Add New” menu option in the WordPress admin panel. For this login to WordPress Admin Panel and Under the Dashboard hover your mouse over the “Plugins” menu option which brings out a Sub-Menu and then select the “Add New” option.

add plugin

Thereafter, you will see an option on the top of your page that is “Upload Plugin”, click the option to upload the zip file.

upload plugin

Afterwards clicking on the “Upload Plugin” option, below that you will see a button “Choose File” click on the button to browse for the zip file as per the snapshot below.

choose file

Thereafter browsing the file, click the “Install Now” button to install the plugin as per the snapshot.


Now when the plugin is installed correctly, you will see the success message and an option to activate the plugin. Click on “Activate Plugin” to activate the installed plugin.

activate plugin

Now, run the below-mentioned command in the respective directory (Likewise: domain/wp-content/plugins/wk-purchase-assistant) via terminal.

composer install

Make sure that you have installed composer on your server else follow this instruction to install composer – Composer Installation

Module Translation

To know how to translate the module, you can click here.

How to Setup the Twilio Account?

The store owners need to register themselves on Twilio to set up their account by undergoing the following steps.

Log In – Twilio Account

Moreover, if you already have a Twilio account, to log in enter your email id and further click over the Next button.


Sign Up – Twilio Account

To initiate your Twilio account. Now, enter your Name, Email and then set your password next click on the start your free trial button.


Therefore, as a result, a verification email sent to your registered email id as shown below.


Now, verify your email by clicking on the Confirm your Email link enclosed within the mail.


Further, you need to enter your Phone number and click on the verify button.


Afterwards enter the verification code, that you have received on the number provided by you and then click on the submit button.


Thereafter, a pop-up will appear on your screen click on Confirm button to activate your sandbox account as shown below.


WhatsApp Sandbox Configuration

Furthermore, to initiate working (i.e build your WhatsApp bot) in the test environment the user needs to configure his/her sandbox inbound URL.

To be able to send and receive messages from the Sandbox to the Application. The store admin needs to go to the following web page.

  • Send a message to the Twilio number with the verification code to join.

You will receive a confirmation text on your device as shown below.

  •  Send a One-Way  Message.
  • Two-Way Messaging.

Now after replying to the notification as shown above the user will have a 24-hour conversation window.

  • Configure your sandbox.

Then In the below field WHEN A MESSAGE COMES IN the admin needs to paste the link and click on Save. Now webhooks to this URL when a message comes in.



Note: To move into production using the Twilio API for WhatsApp, you need a WhatsApp Business Profile in conclusion, WhatsApp has to formally approve your account.

Generate Credentials

Just go to your Twilio project under the TRIAL dropdown menu as shown below.


You can view your ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN credentials, on the Dashboard section under your Project Name.


Module Configuration

To configure the module the admin can click the WhatsApp Purchase Assistant in the side-bar menu at the admin panel. 


As a result, The admin will get three tabs here as mentioned below.


Firstly, the admin needs to configure some general settings associated with their Twilio account.


Here, the admin needs to give the required inputs for the below fields.

Twilio WhatsApp Number – The admin needs to enter their Twilio WhatsApp number here.

Twilio Account SID – Now enter the fetched Twilio Account SID.

The Twilio Auth Token – Further, enter the Twilio Auth Token here.


Now in this section, the admin can set the front end view by giving inputs for the below fields.


Product View Page Setting – Admin End

Enable – The admin can enable or disable the WhatsApp Widget to be displayed on the product view page.

Button Text/Label – The admin can enter a custom title for the Purchase on WhatsApp button text/label. 

Product List Page Settings – Admin End

Enable – From here the admin can enable or disable the Purchase on WhatsApp button for the product list page.

Button Text/Label – Further, give a custom name to the WhatsApp Buy button.

Cart Page Settings – Admin End

Enable – From here the admin can enable or disable the Purchase on WhatsApp button i.e show the WhatsApp Widget on the Cart Page.

Button Text/Label – Give the required name to the WhatsApp Widget displaying on the cart page.

Hide Proceed to Checkout Button – Using this field you can hide or show the proceed to checkout button from the cart page as shown in the below images.


The admin can enable WhatsApp notifications for various order events for their customer orders also can add a custom message that will be sent to the customers. 


Notification Text Product Page – Put the notification message to show the customer before placing the order through WhatsApp.

Enable Order Placed Notification – Now enable the order place notification to appear on the store.

Allow Order Placed Notification Message – Draft the custom message to send to the shoppers after placing the order.

Enable Order Cancellation Notification – Here allow the order cancellation notification to send to the shoppers.

Enable Order Cancel Notification Message – Draft out the custom message for order cancellation to send to the shoppers.


Product View Page

If the admin enables the purchase on the WhatsApp button the front end view would be as shown in the below image.


Similarly, if the admin disables the purchase on the WhatsApp button the customer can only proceed to place the order using the Add to cart button.

Product List Page

If the admin enables the purchase on the WhatsApp button the front end view would be as shown in the below image.


Similarly, if the admin disables the purchase on the WhatsApp button the customer can only proceed to place the order using the Add to cart button.

Hide the Proceed to Checkout Button 

Firstly, add a product into the shopping cart and click on the view and Edit cart button. If, the hide proceed to checkout button is enabled or set as Yes, the customers can purchase only via WhatsApp.


Display the Proceed to Checkout Button

If, the hide proceed to checkout button is enabled or set as No. Moreover, the purchase on the WhatsApp button on the front end is enabled too then the front end view would be as shown in the below image.


Purchase Using Whats App for Existing Users

The existing user needs to click on Purchase on WhatsApp and they are redirected to WhatsApp Web Application directly as per the below image.


Purchase Using WhatsApp for Guest User

When a guest user places an order a form popup appears. Now the guest user needs to provide a WhatsApp number along with other required details to complete the purchase process via WhatsApp.


Moreover, the guest user is also required to add their First name, Last name, Country/region, address, Followed by Postcode, Town/City and Email address, then click Place Order.

WooCommerce-Purchase-Assistant (3)

WhatsApp Purchase Assistant WooCommerce – Order Workflow

To place the order the customer will be redirected to their WhatsApp web application as soon as they click the purchase on the WhatsApp button on the WooCommerce store.


Select Shipping Method

As a result, the customer will be provided with various Shipping Alternatives to select from.

Note: There is no shipping alternative provided for the virtual and downloadable product since they aren’t required to be shipped.


Now, to proceed with their order the customers can simply enter the number associated with the shipment of choice as shown in the above image.

Select Payment Method

The customers will be asked to select the Payment method that they wish to use from the given alternatives.


  • By purchasing through the WhatsApp application the customer can opt to pay using an offline mode of payment only.
  • Further, the customers are sent with the complete Order Summary on their WhatsApp web application as shown below.

As a result, as soon as the admin approves the order from their end the Customers are notified with the message Order has been placed successfully! 

WhatsApp Notification for Order Cancellation

For any order cancellation (made by the admin end) the customer will receive a notification as shown below image.


Invalid Order Request by the Customer

If under any circumstances the customer makes an invalid request over WhatsApp he/she will be sent a default message as shown in the below image.



That’s all for the WhatsApp Purchase Assistant for WooCommerce Plugin. For any kind of doubts or suggestions regarding the plugin kindly reach us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

Current Product Version - 1.1.0

Supported Framework Version - Wordpress - 6.1.1 WooCommerce - 7.2.0

Blog Version - Wordpress - 6.1.1 WooCommerce - 7.2.0
  • Version Wordpress - 6.1.1 WooCommerce - 7.2.0
  • Version WooCommerce 4.9.x
. . .

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