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    Webkul Annual Day Celebration 2021
    22 September 2021

    Webkul Annual Day Celebration 2021

    This year is Extra Ordinary for Webkulites!
    On 26th August 2021, Webkul has completed a decade but also walking towards another golden decade to achieve lots of success and enormous contribution to society.

    What’s a special moment without celebration? Even the virtual celebration was necessary to celebrate this occasion. The day became successful with the planning of the HR Team along with the enthusiastic participation of Webkulites.

    The celebration started in the morning with the literary activity making it more exciting for our geeks to hunts words from the Webkul Website and complete the sentences given in the quiz.


    Diversity in the company is known as the backbone and identity for what Webkul stands for. In Webkul every culture is important and equally respected. Therefore, to celebrate and cherish the cultural diversity, cultural songs activity was conducted where employees from different backgrounds sang mesmerizing folk songs of their respective areas.

    Scavenger hunt activity followed after musical time where employees participated with full enthusiasm to accept the challenge, find the objects, and show it.


    To brush up the geographical knowledge of our employees, we had a fun quiz game where employees have shown famous monuments and the location was required to guess. Recalling old memories and geographical areas was quite fun.

    Webkulites is not just a word for Webkul; it defines the bond shared among employees as a family. A fun quiz was conducted to check how much our employees know each other. Childhood photographs of employees are shown to everyone. Everyone witnessed the bond each employee shared as they were able to make it guess correct.

    To add some laughter in the day tongue twister is the most classic game which can add loads of enjoyment to the day. The quiz game witnessed a massive participation of employees as people like to enjoy activities that make your heart laugh out loud.

    Being Indian, Bollywood has had a special connection since childhood as we all have grown up watching favorites movies, copying styles of superstars, and making dialogues as a part of our daily conversation. As a ritual, it was compulsory to add a Bollywood quiz and Antakshari to add the beauty of the films to the day.


    This time families of employees were also a part of this huge celebration. We had a fancy dress competition for kids. The scavenger hunt was fun for them to enjoy being a part of the Webkul Family.

    These celebrations bound us as a family to recognize and cherish all the efforts put down together for such a wonderful journey of Webkul. Also, ensuring a successful future for Webkul.

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