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    UVdesk: A customer support platform

    Updated 5 September 2023

    What is UVdesk?

    UVdesk is a cloud-based help desk software which is built to caters the need of the clients with its incredible functionality. It has been built to solve the customer’s queries and deliver them the best solution. The customers can submit their queries in the form of tickets and these queries will be addressed by the customer handling staff. It has all the features which a client would expect from any great help desk system.


    • A vast knowledge base related to the product to offer support to the clients with the solution articles.
    • Scenario automation can be created which prevents the users from performing the same set of activities.
    • Mailbox facility ensures that not a single query from any source ( web or mail) left unattended.
    • Reporting analytics gives the complete details of the agents work performance.
    • The overall appearance of the portal can be enhanced with custom CSS.
    • The powerful ticketing feature ensures that every issue gets resolved in fastest possible time.
    • Roles creation and ACL system.

    Functionality of the UVdesk:

    UVdesk has quite intuitive features which the clients would hastily learn on their own. The technicalities involved within the features are explained with such ease that the users will face no trouble while imitating those steps. Let’s have a close look at those features:

    Knowledge base:

    A user guide is prepared which will help for the better understanding of the clients related to the product. If they get stuck in between something then they can reach out to the guide for instant information.


    To streamline all the conversations coming from different channels ( mail, social media) at the single destination then mailbox option is a perfect choice. This enables us to reply directly from the ticket system without the need to open and toggle between accounts for reverting to the clients.


    Tracking the record of the work performance of the agents is a tedious task  but with reporting analytics, it becomes simple to do so. From their response time to the resolving time all data is available in one place.

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    These business rules prevent from performing repetitive chores and automates the entire customer support process thus saving time and lets the agents focus on the work that is more important.


    The complete makeover of the portal by popping it with colors, adding logo and favicon that reflects your brand falls in the customization part. With fresh themes,  providing strong meta description and keywords can improve the indexing of your site.

    Powerful ticketing system:

    The is the platform that helps to centralize all the tickets with ticket status, priority, types etc. The productivity can be boosted by automating the ticketing management via event and triggers, ticket rules.

    Role creation and ACL system:

    The role implies designation and the admin can create multiple privileges as well as various access levels which can be set under list of privileges for the agents and various permission level e.g – ticket assignment , ticket creation / update / delete.

    If you have any query then feel free to submit the ticket by referring this link: UVdesk site

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