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UVdesk- Custom Field

Updated 6 October 2021

Custom field for UVdesk will help you to obtain additional information from the client at the time of ticket creation. The admin can create custom field depending on the need of the business and can also make any field required or dependent.


However, the customer can utilize these fields at the time of ticket creation to share the necessary information. The ticket dealing with agent/admin can refresh the custom field for UVdesk data given by the customer.

Note – To utilize this module first, you should need to install UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk.

Features of Custom-field Fetch Module

  • The admin can make numerous custom fields. 
  • The admin can make any custom field required or dependent. 
  • Can set the security and validation for any custom field. 
  • The admin can customize any ticket create form by adding custom fields
  • The admin can refresh the custom field data given by the customer. 
  • Customer can likewise sign in to their ticket record to update custom field data for any ticket.

Installation of Custom-field Fetch Module

Step 1:  Make a directory with the name uvdesk inside the project’s app folder.

Step 2: The customer will get a zip folder after purchasing the extension. After that, unzip the respective extension zip file. Now place extracted zip folder “form-component” under “uvdesk” folder.

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Form Builder Custom field app for UVdesk

Step 3: Next, run the below commands to complete the setup from Project root directory.

$ php bin/console uvdesk_extensions:configure-extensions
$ php bin/console assets:install
$ php bin/console doctrine:migrations:diff
$ php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

Once your packages have been configured successfully, they are ready for use Custom field for UVdesk.

Customer End : UVdesk Custom Field

  • At the time of ticket creation you will get displayed the custom field options where the customer can fill the details as required, shown below :
  • After login with customer here displayed custom field options in left bottom in ticketing system.

Admin Configuration

  • At the admin panel, it will displayed as given below image shows, in the dashboard you will find an option having custom fields.
  • After clicking on that Custom field option up, it will redirect you inside the Custom field options along with multiple input types such as text box, select etc.
  • Here admin can choose controls as per their own requirement from the given multiple controls.
  • After that, here in the Properties section Admin can make any custom field Required or Dependent, Dependent custom field show only when checked type is selected by user.

Dependency comes up under selecting the ticket type as per requirement.

Use in comes up under wherever admin wants to reflect the custom field options.

Required comes up under where the details is mandatory to fill out.

  • User can also set Validation for any custom field, as here file validation is choosen so user need to choose only file having 2000 kb size.
  • Security section keep encryption and confirm those data whenever a user access it on ticket system.
  • Now on the ticket system, Custom-Field for UVdesk will display as shown in the given below image at the top left corner in ticket.
  • In ticketing system at the right top corner custom field options reflects, here you will get options to fill out the details, you can also update the custom fields after clicking on that manage custom fields setting options.

That’s all for the Cutom Field Order Fetch Module of UVdesk Open Source if you still have any issues please raise a ticket on our ticket panel.

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