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User Guide for WooCommerce POS Multicurrency

Updated 17 November 2023

WooCommerce POS Multicurrency is a plugin that enables users to sell their products in different currencies through their WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) system. This means that customers can make payments in their local currency, which can be very convenient for international customers.

With this plugin, the POS system will convert the price of products and services to the customer’s preferred currency based on the exchange rate. It also allows the store owner to set custom exchange rates if needed.

This plugin is an add-on to Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin). Firstly, you must have WooCommerce POS to use this module.

Check the below mentioned video for an overview of the workflow of this plugin:



  • It enables POS users to accept payments in multiple currencies in Outlets.
  • Allow the POS user to configure as many as currencies to the outlet.
  • The admin can download and import the CSV file.
  • The admin can change the rate for any particular currency.
  • POS Users can select the currency from the options listed on the front end.
  • The admin allows managing the multicurrency settings from the Backend.
  • The admin can check the selected currency set by a particular Outlet by POS users.
  • The admin can add multiple currencies.
  • The POS user can easily pay in their preferred currency on Outlet.
  • Admin can Enable/Disable Multicurrency Switcher Over POS.
  • Admin can select the currency sign position(like Left/right) for the outlet.


The user will get a zip file that he has to upload in the “Add New” menu option in the WordPress admin panel.

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For this login to WordPress Admin Panel and Under the Dashboard hover your mouse over the “Plugins” menu option. This brings out a Sub-Menu and then selects the “Add New” option.

Add new

After this, you will see an option on the top of your page that is “Upload Plugin”, click the option to upload the zip file.

Upload plugin

Then click on the “Upload Plugin” option, below that you will see a button “Choose File” click on the button to browse for the zip file as per the snapshot below.

choose file

Post browsing the file, click the “Install Now” button to install the plugin as per the snapshot.


Now, when the plugin is installed correctly, you will see the success message. Additionally, an option to activate the plugin.

Click on “Activate Plugin” to activate the installed plugin.

Activate Plugin

Admin Configuration- Point Of Sale

Point Of Sale settings

The admin can navigate to WooCommerce POS Multicurrency > Settings. Now configure the settings for Multicurrency Setting, as shown in the image below. 

General Settings

The admin needs to navigate WooCommerce Point Of Sale > Settings > Multicurrency, to set the configurations details under the General tab. 


Default Currency: The default currency is fixed for USD($) this can not be changed.

Default Currency Price: The admin can not change the Default Currency Price i.e.1. Different currencies’ prices will be based on the default currency price like 1 USD=70 INR.

Allow Multi-Currency Switcher Over POS: The admin can enable/disable the currency switcher. So that on the front end, customers can change the currency or not according to their preference.

If admin enables the multicurrency switcher then the customer Select Default Currency according to their preference as shown below:


If the admin can set the Allow Muli-Currency switcher over POS to disable as shown below:


Then Select Default Currency will be hidden and customers can not change the currency as shown in the below image:


Now, the admin needs to navigate WooCommerce Point Of Sale > Settings > Multicurrency, to set the configurations details under the Currency tab.

Currency: The admin can set any currency in which they want to take payments.

Currency Position: The admin can set the Currency Position so that the currency sign will be set on that position at the front end for every product.

Rate: The admin can set the rate for every individual currency that will equal the default currency USD like 1 USD($)= 70 INR.

Action: The admin can delete any currency and can edit the default Currency(USD).


Here, we can check the currency sign of the Indian rupee is on the left position as the admin set in the above Image.


The admin can also Download Sample File and can add the details then Upload Currencies file and Import CSV file.


Point of Sale

The admin needs to navigate WooCommerce Point Of Sale > Outlets, to set the configurations details under the Outlet List


Here, the admin can also edit the details for any outlets the options are given in the below image. And the Select default Outlet Currency will be set according to the POS users selected from the front end.


The admin can also add new outlets and can fill in the options given in the below image:


That’s all for the WordPress WooCommerce POS Multicurrency extension. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the extension then you can get back to us at

Current Product Version - 1.0.0

Supported Framework Version - WordPress: 6.1.1 WooCommerce: 7.3.0 WooCommerce POS: 4.2.0

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