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    Use of Design Tab in Product Form of Opencart

    While adding or editing the product in Opencart, you might have seen the design tab. Most of the people don’t know the use of over-riding of layout for that particular product. The Layout Override functionality is used to change the layout of the product page for that product to the layout that is selected for the product.

    Let me give you an example to understand things easily. Here, I’ve created a layout with layout name “Demo Design Layout”. In that, I’ve set a module name Carousel which can be often found on the home page by default and then saved the layout.

    After adding the layout, just edit a product and open the design tab. Here, I edited the “Apple Cinema” product and set Layout Override to “Demo Design Layout”.

    Now, take a look at the product page on which the layout override has taken place.

    The product page of “Apple Cinema” is showing the same layout as set for the “Demo Design Layout” while all other product will have the same default layout design.

    Here’s another image showing the product page layout when the “Account” is selected in the layout override.

    Hope, this would have cleared the doubt of design tab and the actual use of it.

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