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    Trend of Cash On Delivery on Odoo Online Store

    The Cash on delivery is still one of the most popular payment choices for many of the customers. People still feel reluctant while adding their card details on websites.

    It becomes handy for the customers as they have to pay after getting their products in hand.

    Cash on delivery is beneficial for customers in every way, if they found their product defective while receiving the product; they can return it without paying the amount of the product.

    Cash on delivery is not only beneficial for the customers, but it is also beneficial for sellers as well. Cash on delivery as a payment method on their websites may attract customers to shop from their website.

    It helps the seller to give a better customer experience which directly helps the seller to stand out against the competitors. It also helps to build a great customer relationship bond.

    According to the research, over 42% of respondents said that being able to pay by cash on delivery while shopping online in India was extremely essential to them. Only 3% of respondents considered cash on delivery is not to be an essential mode of payment.

    Difference between Cash on delivery and other online payment methods

    Points of DifferenceCash on DeliveryOnline Payment
    FlexibleCustomers can pay only when they get their products in handCustomers need to pay while ordering their product
    SecureCustomers need not divulge their financial information on the websiteCustomers need to add their financial information on the website which is not secure sometimes
    Dependency on cardsNo payment cards requiredPayment cards required
    Hassle-freeFewer efforts are required, customers will pay when they get their productMore efforts are required while adding the payment cards on the website sometimes customers are not getting their OTP on time which creates a hassle
    Value of MoneyIt does not decrease the value of customers moneyIn online payment, you need to pay while ordering the product and sometimes customers get their product in a period of 10-15 days which decreases the value of their money.

    So, let’s look up to the group of Customers using cash on delivery

    According to a survey, 70% of Indian consumers are using cash on delivery as a payment method. There are various reasons behind this like flexibility to use, no online scams, no debit/credit cards required.

    Cash on delivery can be used by everyone even if they have debit/credit cards or not. On the demographic basis cash on delivery can be most preferred by housewives and Senior citizens.

    Customers always have a fear of cybercrime and do not easily divulge their financial information on any website.

    As digitalization increases in India, still, cash on delivery is preferred by the majority of consumers. To run e-commerce efficiently, providing COD as a payment method is highly required by the sellers.

    Avail The benefits of Cash on Delivery for your Odoo Online Store

    Trends of cash on delivery in Odoo online store

    Odoo is a complete Business management solution. It helps you to manage your business completely. As a service provider, Odoo has various modules for your Online store which makes it more attractive and user-friendly.

    If you are using Odoo E-commerce then you will get to know how you can use Cash on delivery as the payment method on the Odoo online store.

    Apps to help you with Cash on delivery for your Odoo Website:

    Odoo Website COD Payment Acquirer

    Trends of cash on delivery in odoo online store

    Using this module your website user can choose the COD Payment Options on the checkout page. It serves as the perfect solution to reach those customers who do not trust online payment methods.

    These Extensions also allow Admin to create flexible payment rules with various options.

    Payment rules help in reducing business risks and improve the effectiveness of the handling process by providing COD Payment restrictions based on country, state, and other shipping data.

    Top Features Offered by the module Odoo Website COD payment Acquirer are:

    • Provide a most suitable Payment Method.
    •  Help in Increasing Your Sale.
    •  Serve as a Sale Promotion Tool.
    •  Perfect solution to reach those customers who do not trust on On-line payment methods.
    •  Help in making a confident bond between Your shop and customers.
    •  Full Admin Control.

    Odoo Marketplace Cash On Delivery (COD)

    Cash on delivery in odoo marketplace

    With Odoo Marketplace COD, you can now provide an additional, simple payment method to your customers on your Odoo Marketplace.

    The customer can opt to pay for their order with a cash payment. The payment is credited to the seller’s account.

    Top Features Offered by the module Odoo Marketplace COD are:

    • It makes it easier for sellers to acquire new customers with Odoo COD.
    • The module enables the admin to quickly set up and configure the payment option with single-step integration.
    • You can set the threshold value for COD Applicability. Any amount below or above the set range automatically becomes ineligible for COD.
    • The module enables COD geographically. You can enable COD for specific countries, States, or Zip Codes accordingly.
    • The Admin commission is auto-deducted in the Pay-To-Seller invoice generated in the backend.
    • The COD orders on Odoo Marketplace and transaction details are stored in the Odoo backend.

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